Love Island 2019: How to find this year's contestants on Instagram

Sarah Young, Sabrina Barr

On Monday 3 June, the fifth series of Love Island – the undeniably engrossing reality dating programme – began on ITV.

While the nation watches the drama unfold in the villa, many will be following all the hopefuls on Instagram in order to stay on top of all the latest updates on their relationships, both during and after the show.

Here are all this year's Love Island contestants, and where to find them on Instagram:

India Reynolds

The 28-year-old model from Reading, Berkshire describes herself as "kind, caring and chatty", adding that she believes it's important to "look out for the girls".

Greg O'Shea

The professional rugby player from Limerick, Ireland has competed in the Youth Olympics.

The 24-year-old says he "tends to fall hard" when he's seeing someone.

Harley Brash

The estate agent from Newcastle is close friends with 2018 Love Island contestant Ellie Brown.

The 20-year-old says that she enjoys "the chase" when beginning a relationship.

Francesca Allen

Francesca Allen, a clothing store manager from Essex, says that “kindness costs nothing”.

The 23-year-old also claims to be good friends with some cast members of The Only Way is Essex, including Georgia Kousoulou, Chloe Ross and Chloe Lewis.

Chris Taylor

Development manager Chris says he has been single for four years and claims to be “quite good” at winning an argument.

The 28-year-old, who comes from Leicester, also thinks he’s “the full package”, giving himself a “solid 7.2 out of 10”.

Ovie Soko

Professional basketball player Ovie Soko has played the game since he was 16, going on to represent Great Britain in the sport.

The 28-year-old describes having a "mental connection" with someone as "very attractive".

Jourdan Riane

Model and actor Jourdan Riane, who hails from Essex, has been featured in Vogue Italia.

The 24-year-old says that "arrogance" in a potential partner is a "big no-no".

Dennon Lewis

Professional footballer Dennon Lewis is currently a forward for Scottish side Falkirk.

Last year, the 22-year-old made headlines when he spoke out about the racist abuse he suffered from his own team's fans.

"From a personal standpoint, never in a million years would I have expected to be subject to racial abuse from Falkirk fans," he tweeted.

Belle Hassan

Belle Hassan, a makeup artist from Bromley, says she's "fun, funny and flirty".

The 21-year-old says if she feels a connection with someone, she'll "go for it". "You have to do what you've got to do," she adds.

Stevie Bradley

The 21-year-old student from the Isle of Man describes himself as "cheerful, happy, charming and funny".

"I want to keep everyone happy but again it is Love Island so you can't tread on eggshells around people," he says.

Nabila Badda

Nabila Badda, a 29-year-old hostess from London, describes herself as "exciting, bubbly and feisty enough that if I want something I'll go for it".

George Rains

George Rains, a 22-year-old from Essex, says he's been "catfished" when dating in the past.

The builder adds that he's "never had a wandering eye".

Maria Wild

Maria Wild, a 22-year-old VIP host from Cheltenham, says that it's important for her ideal man to "look after themselves and be groomed".

Marvin Brooks

Marvin Brooks, from Bournemouth, works as as personal trainer and ex royal navy officer.

The 29-year-old describes himself as "very ambitious" and "always very honest, even if that might be controversial".

Joanna Chimonides

Joanna Chimonides, a 22-year-old recruitment consultant from London, says that people can be "fake" when talking on dating apps.

"The perfect guy to me is someone who will give their all in a relationship and someone who has got a bit of banter and who is selfless," Joanna says.

Lavena Back

Lavena Back, a 23-year-old business developer from Croydon, says she doesn't "really care" about treading on any islanders' toes.

"As everyone says it's not Friend Island. I'm not afraid to say it how it is," she says.

Dan Rose

Dan Rose, a 21-year-old bathroom salesman from Nuneaton, says that at times he can be "too confident".

"That could be a good thing or a bad thing," Dan says.

Arabella Chi

Arabella Chi is a 28-year-old model and social media influencer from London. She has also starred in blockbuster films such as Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Chi previously dated former Love Island contestant Charlie Frederick, who also used to date this year’s contestant Lucie Donlan.

Curtis Pritchard

The 23-year-old ballroom and Latin dancer from Shropshire, and brother of Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard, says that he's lived "a very sheltered life" because of his career.

Amy Hart

The 26-year-old air hostess and cabin crew manager from Worthing, Sussex describes herself as the "Bridget Jones" of her friendship group.

Joe Garratt

The 22-year-old catering company owner from South East London says that when he's in a relationship with someone, "I've only got eyes for them".

Yewande Biala

The 23-year-old scientist from Dublin, Ireland says that people are "shocked" when they learn of her profession.

"I think there are loads of intelligent people on reality television, last year we had Dr Alex and the year before we had Camilla Thurlow in the villa," she adds.

Anton Danyluk

The 24-year-old gym owner from Airdrie, Scotland admits that he's "never really been loyal" in any of his previous relationships.

Lucie Donlan

The 21-year-old surfer from Newquay states that she'd be interested in someone who's similarly athletic.

Anna Vakili

The 28-year-old pharmacist from London says she's been in serious relationships since the age of 17.

Amber Gill

The 21-year-old beauty therapist from Newcastle says she's on the lookout for someone who "doesn't take themselves too seriously".

Tommy Fury

The 20-year-old boxer from Manchester, and brother of professional boxer Tyson Fury, says that he doesn't like getting to know people over the phone.

Michael Griffiths

The 27-year-old firefighter from Liverpool says he'd rate himself as a "10 out of 10".

Sherif Lanre

The 20-year-old chef and semi-professional rugby player from London describes himself as "upbeat and cheeky and outrageous".

Callum Macleod

The 28-year-old aircraft engineer from South Wales says he can't comprehend why anyone would want to cheat on their partner. "I'd rather just say, 'I don't want to be with you' and then go off," he states.

Danny Williams

The 21-year-old model from Hull recently posed on the cover of Attitude magazine with Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall.

Maura Higgins

The 28-year-old model from County Longford, Ireland starred in a music video with singer Liam Payne.

Elma Pazar

The 26-year-old eyelash technician from Essex has worked with some of the cast members from reality television show The Only Way is Essex.

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