Love Is Blind's Raven speaks out over criticism of her asking SK to pay her rent

love is blind's raven and sk on their wedding decision
Love Is Blind's Raven responds to criticism of herNetflix

Raven Ross has responded to criticism from Love Is Blind season 3 fans after she asked Sikiru "SK" Alagbada to pay half of her rent, despite not living with her.

Well, Love Is Blind has been a real trip, hasn't it? So far, fans have been obsessed with Nancy's brothers, grossed out by Cole's apartment, and had a lot to say about Raven and SK's relationship.

The pair matched in the pods, and while they initially struggled to form a physical relationship on honeymoon, things started to look pretty strong between the duo - but that didn't stop viewers from negatively responding to her comments about their future.

love is blind's raven speaks out over criticism of her asking sk to pay her rent

In one scene, SK tells Raven he's planning to move to California to continue studying, where he has a full scholarship, suggesting they "shuttle back and forth" between their two homes. Raven responds by telling him, "I think that I would probably keep my own house, my own apartment. I like the convenience, living next to the mall. It's very close to my job.

"I'm so proud of you for all your school and stuff, but for my life, I definitely don't want my quality of living to suffer. I know that probably sounds really bad, like if you're hopelessly in love, it shouldn't matter how you live..."

Raven then explains how "it can be expensive to be me" thanks to her lifestyle choices, adding, "If we're getting married, I think that even if you're not living in Dallas, we should both be paying the rent of where I'm living. I think that is fair."

Some viewers took to social media to criticise Raven for the comments, questioning why SK should be responsible for her rent despite not living in the apartment. Now, she has responded to the backlash on TikTok.

In two new videos, she joked about leaving her independence behind "after my man pays my bills", while in another she replied "Why y'all always hatin?!? [sic]" to someone who questioned her independence.

"Man, females like you are so lame. Like you're no fun, you're a fuddy duddy," the voice over added. Eek.

So that's how she feels, then.

Love Is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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