How Love Is Blind's Raven and SK became the realest couple of all

Love Is Blind season three might've produced two married couples in the shape of Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed, and Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia, but I'm just going to come out and say it: Raven Ross and SK Alagbada were the best pair of all.

In case you need a recap (a lot has been going on), the duo matched early on in the pods, forming a strong emotional bond. While they were clearly aligned on some things, they hit a rocky patch when it came to compromising on their lifestyle choices, and deciding what their future looked like.

how love is blind's raven and sk became the realest couple of all
Sara Mally/Netflix

Still, that didn't stop fans (and his mum) from being incredibly shocked when SK said "I do not" to Raven at the altar, admitting he wasn't sure either of them were ready to commit to marrying each other.

Thankfully, all was not lost, and Raven and SK revealed at the Love Is Blind Reunion that while they're not currently husband and wife, they are giving things a go. And quite frankly, that couldn't be a better example of a mature and loving relationship to me.

Sure, it's fine for marriage to be the goal, and yeah, people entered the experiment wanting to find a husband or wife. But the actual aim shouldn't just be a big wedding, or a fancy white dress, but to find a trusting and happy partnership - whether that means you're married to them or not. So for SK and Raven to put the "I do not" aside, and instead dig deep into whether their relationship is worth fighting for? That's the realest outcome of all.

Fans on Twitter have shared a similar reaction to the pair continuing their relationship. As one put it "SK and Raven appear to have the healthiest of all the relationships. I’m rooting for them. It seems like SK, while he may not have communicated everything before the wedding, he must have done a great job communicating with Raven once the cameras weren’t rolling."

Someone else said, "It's a very mature real relationship. You can tell they really respect each other as people", while a third added, "Naaah I can’t believe I thought SK & Raven's relationship was sketchy when they have the realest relationship of them all."

Another summed it up: "Raven and SK are completely end game and the only couple who are mature and rational. I love that they took things slow and are together after not getting married on the finale!"

In the case of some Love Is Blind contestants, it can feel like the idea of the wedding ends up superseding any love or desire that they have for the person they're marrying. For SK and Raven, it was clear that the relationship was more about them growing as a team, and supporting each other, rather than The Big Day™ itself.

Here. For. It.

Love Is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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