Love Is Blind's Raven just threw major shade at Bartise

While Love Is Blind season 3's episodes have been chaotic, it looks like the real drama has been happening on social media since the show came out. Most recently, Raven Ross took to TikTok to throw shade at Bartise Bowden, and fans are obsessed with the pettiness of it all.

The third season of Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix last month, and saw five couples make it from the pods to the altar. While viewers have already seen the shock result of Raven and Sikiru 'SK' Alagbada's wedding, we've been left on a cliffhanger when it comes to Bartise and Nancy Rodriguez's nuptials.

The pair matched in the pods, but hit a rocky patch when Bartise saw - and admitted he fancied - Raven for the first time. Talking about his feelings with fiancée Nancy, he said Raven was a "smoke show" after seeing her at the pool party, adding that she's "f***ing gorgeous" and "on paper, me and [her] make sense."

Now, Raven has addressed Bartise's comments, making it very clear he "could never be her man." In a new TikTok video, Raven has written "When she thinks you want her man but he's wearing one of these" and is mouthing along to a voiceover, before cutting to a photo of a man with a cross earring.

"Could never be my man 🥴" she added in the caption.

It didn't take long for fans to interpret she was talking about Bartise, thanks to his earring of choice on the show:

While it is a *little* unfair to judge someone purely on their jewellery choice, some followers were living for the pettiness of it all in the comments. "BARTISE SLANDER YES" one person put, while another added, "Bartise felt this 😂😂😂😂"

We're saying nothing.

Love Is Blind season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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