Love Is Blind's Nancy Rodriguez on her brother's reaction at the wedding

*Contains spoilers for the Love Is Blind finale*

The Love Is Blind season three finale has finally dropped on Netflix, and after three weeks of pod dates, awkward pool conversations and tense family introductions, we finally got to see the fate of the five engaged couples.

The season finale opened on the cliffhanger from the previous episode of whether Bartise Bowden would say yes to fiancé Nancy Rodriguez , who had already said "I do". Spoiler alert: Bartise says no at the altar. After saying no the couple are trying to talk about his decision but are constantly interrupted by Nancy's mum and brother who are less than impressed with Bartise's decision.

And now Nancy has shared how she felt about their constant interruptions and explained why they were so angry.

love is blind's nancy on her brothers reaction at wedding

Speaking to People Nancy explained her family were reacting for her in the moment, as she had to remain calm.

She said: "My brother and Bartise were about the same age, so my brother got it. And when [Bartise] said no, I had to shut down my feelings and I even said to Bartise, 'It's okay.'"

"Those were my first words when we got outside. So my mom and my brother fought the fight that I couldn't fight in that moment."

For context, during the episode Nancy's mum is seen calling Bartise "stupid" and said "This man is not ready for you, he's not ready for you who you are... cause you're too much for him."

Nancy's brother Steve, who was previously not a fan of Bartise, was seen at the wedding saying he wished he wasn't right about Bartise.

love is blind's nancy on her brothers reaction at wedding

Bartise has also commented on Nancy's family reaction at the wedding and said he "absolutely understand[s] where they're coming from" and why they were so angry with him.

Viewers were previously big fans of Nancy's brothers Steve and Jesus, who were first seen getting to know Bartise during episode six.

During the meeting Steve called Bartise out when he explained what he loved about Nancy, calling his explanation "bland". Ouch.

Well, at least there won't be any awkward families dinner in the future.

Love Is Blind season three is available on Netflix now.

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