Love Is Blind's Mark Cuevas on whether he had a secret girlfriend during filming

Zoe Shenton
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From Cosmopolitan

Love Is Blind's Mark Cuevas is speaking out after it was claimed he had a secret girlfriend while filming the Netflix dating series.

Setting the record straight, Mark said the confusion came from the fact the hit show finished filming way before it aired on TV.

"I did not have a girlfriend the whole time," said Mark. "I was single before [going on the show]. Now, being a single man, you’re single, you’re doing your thing. I’d never had a girlfriend before," he added on the Be There in Five podcast. "Where was the time to be in a relationship during the experience?"

He went on to reveal that he did date someone - but it was after Jessica Batten jilted him at the altar.

"I never had a girlfriend during — I had a girlfriend after the experience. I will say that," he said.

"This is way after the experience, a couple months. I was still figuring out what the hell happened, and then I jumped into a relationship, you do that," the 26-year-old continued.

However, Mark said they're no longer together after splitting before the Netflix series came out last month.

Reflecting on the relationship and the Love Is Blind experience, the fitness trainer revealed he has no regrets. "Anybody you date, they teach you so much. I’m thankful for Jess, I’m thankful for all of my past relationships. I just take that in stride."


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