Love Is Blind viewers are all saying the same thing about SK's mum

love is blind fans are all saying the same thing about sk's mum
LIB fans saying same thing about SK's mumNetflix

Contains spoilers for the final episodes of Love Is Blind

If there's one thing that can be guaranteed on Love Is Blind, and no it's not the couples saying yes at the altar, it's how much viewers love the parents of the couples.

In season one it was Kelly Chase's mum, who said "I love that guy" after her daughter dumped Kenny Barnes at the wedding. And in the last season, everyone on Twitter was obsessed with Jarette Jones' dad officiating his wedding.

So who is the parent everyone is loving in season three of Love Is Blind? It is of course, the one and only Ade, aka SK Algabada's mum.

love is blind fans are all saying the same thing about sk's mum

Viewers have been obsessed with SK's mum and her relationship with Raven Ross, who her son was planning to marry, but *spoiler alert* he said no at the wedding.

Since first meeting the two appeared to have a close bond. Ade took Raven to select her gele (a traditional Nigerian head wrap worn on a wedding day), and helped her get ready on her wedding day.

Fans of the show have been tweeting about their relationship with one person saying: "Raven and SK’s mum have the most beautiful relationship."

And another called her the "best person" on the show.

love is blind fans are all saying the same thing about sk's mum

Following SK saying no to Raven at their wedding, Ade went to Raven's room and comforted her and told her she loved her. Fans of the show were not emotionally prepared for the moment and many tweeted saying how lovely the interaction was.

One person said: "Auntie made me so proud in this moment. I was broken for Raven who had no family there, had to walk alone and look everyone in the eye after being rejected. SK’s mum was sweet to go console her before seeing SK."

And another said: "I love the way SK’s mum went in to Raven to check on her and tell her she still loves her regardless. Such class."

One fan is loving SK's mum so much they even think Ade should have her own chat show. An Ade show? I'd watch for sure.

Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now.

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