Love Is Blind viewers praise Brennon Lemieux after season three reunion: ‘Makes me love him even more’

Love Is Blind fans are praising one contestant after they spoke out in defence of their castmates during season three’s reunion episode.

The third season of Netflix’s popular dating show officially concluded with the release of the last episode on 9 November, where viewers finally found out who said “I do” and who walked away from their pod relationship.

Fortunately, the episode wasn’t the last viewers got to see of the couples, as Netflix also released the reunion episode, which saw the pairs reunite with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey to hash out the drama-filled season.

Warning: some spoilers below.

During the reunion episode, which saw Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden, and Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey, reflect on everything that went wrong in their respective relationships, there were certain moments that their fellow cast members found equally upsetting.

In these moments, Brennon Lemieux, who formed a relationship with Alexa Alfia, refused to stay silent, with the water engineer, 32, speaking out in support of his fellow cast members.

One such instance took place while Barnett and Jaffrey were reflecting on the issue that arose in their relationship following the conversation between Barnett and Colleen Reed in the pool, when they’d each acknowledged they would be more likely to approach one another in a bar than their respective partners.

While discussing the conversation, Barnett referred to Jaffrey as “insane”. The comment prompted an interjection from Lemieux, who directed Barnett not to use the word to refer to Jaffrey. Barnett then referred to his former fiancée as “crazy,” at which point Lemieux accused Barnett of disrespecting Jaffrey on multiple occasions.

Lemieux’s supportive behaviour during the reunion episode has been met with praise on social media, where viewers have applauded him for standing up for the women on the show.

“Okay - Brennon checking Cole during the Love Is Blind reunion for Cole’s verbiage around the use of the words ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’ makes me love him even more,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “WHEW! Brennon calling out Cole for using gaslighting terms like insane and crazy and saying he doesn’t like people disrespecting each other and also holding Colleen accountable for being inappropriate back too… That is one amazing man. Good for him and Alexa.”

“Brennon sticking up for the women during this reunion, I know that’s right! #LoveIsBlind,” someone else said.

According to one viewer, they have gained “so much respect” for Lemieux after the Love Is Blind reunion, while others claimed that he and Alfia are “couple goals” because of the way they both stood up for their fellow cast mates.