Love Is Blind viewers are all making the same complaint about this season's catchphrase

love is blind viewers share complaint over catchphrase
Love Is Blind fans aren't happy about catchphraseNetflix

Love Is Blind season three is already almost finished, with our couples fast approaching the altar (while some have already been and gone).

The series finale drops next week on 9 November and - after weeks of watching - fans are officially *done* with this season's catchphrase. Spoilers ahead.

To recap, the latest episode saw SK and Raven heading down the aisle, with SK shocking viewers by saying "I don't" at the altar. Following that, Nancy and Bartise also embarked on their wedding day, though fans were left on a painful cliffhanger when we didn't get to hear the end of their vows.

Now, as we approach the final, viewers are all making the same hilarious complaint over this series' catchphrase. And, yep, they're very much over it.

love is blind viewers share complaint over catchphrase

If you've been listening intently, you'll likely have heard contestants being fans of the phrase, "It's the [blank] for me." Remember? TikTok's favourite phrase spanning the past two years?

However, it looks like viewers aren't keen on the phrase being overused during Love Is Blind, with many calling it "cringe" and pointing out that you can identify when the show was filmed thanks to the popularity of the line. FYI, season three is thought to have been filmed around Spring/Summer 2021, which is maybe why the catchphrase feels slightly outdated over a year on.

One viewer tweeted, "Cringe moment on Love is Blind. 'It’s the _____ for me.' Why won’t they stop saying this[?]"

Meanwhile, another added, "This season of Love is Blind is filled with 'it’s the for me,' like I cringe every time someone says it." A third agreed, "I can tell when S3 Love is Blind was filmed by the excessive 'it’s the ___ for me' 😭."

A fourth chimed in, "The worst thing about this season of Love is Blind is everyone saying 'it's the x for me,'" while a fifth added, "Why does everyone in this cast insist on saying 'it’s the x for me' in every sentence [?] I am going to lose it."

Sooo, yeah, looks like this lot are not happy with that one. But, hey, we'll overlook any slightly cringe catchphrases in the name of drama.

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