The Love Is Blind trailer accidentally reveals a spoiler about Nancy and Bartise's wedding

does the love is blind trailer reveal a major spoiler about bartise and nancy
Does Love Is Blind trailer reveal major spoiler?Netflix

Er, guys. We think the Love Is Blind trailer might accidentally contain a spoiler about whether Nancy and Bartise get married, and OMG.

If you've already binged all 10 available episodes of Love Is Blind season three, you'll know that viewers are left on a cliffhanger over whether Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden tie the knot.

The final scenes see the pair stood at the altar, sharing their vows and seeming very much in love, in front of their family and friends. While we watch Nancy say "I do" to Bartise, we have to wait for the finale (which drops on the 9th November) to know what Bartise says back.

Only, er, we had a quick look back at the Love Is Blind trailer (which was released in October and you can watch above), and we think it might actually reveal all the goss for us. One clip shows Nancy walking towards the altar, next to her dad:

love is blind fans think the trailer spoils nancy and bartise's wedding
Netflix / YouTube

A later clip shows Nancy (and it is definitely Nancy - look at the guests) walking back down the aisle next to a woman in a black dress:

love is blind fans think the trailer spoils nancy and bartise's wedding

That's not Bartise! That's not a happy crowd! Does this mean Bartise says 'I don't' to Nancy at the altar? Is Nancy being consoled by a bridesmaid? What's going on?!

This, of course, is all speculation, and fans have to wait for the 9th November to find out what really happens. Eek.

Love Is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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