Love Is Blind star Bartise Bowden admits he ‘made a mess’ on show

Love Is Blind star Bartise Bowden has confessed to some of his “messy” behaviour on the popular dating show.

The 27-year-old senior analyst from Texas has caused a stir on the latest season of the Netflix reality series. Since the third season began on 19 October, Bowden has been engaged to 32-year-old speech pathologist, Nancy Rodriguez. But in last week’s episodes, Bowden angered fans when he told his ex Raven Ross that he was still attracted to her. His behaviour on the show even had fans calling him a “walking red flag”.

Now, it seems that Bowden has owned up to the drama.

In a TikTok posted on 29 October, the Love Is Blind star responded to a fan who said, “What…wow B, just wow! Just finished watching episodes 5-7”.

Bowden replied: “Kudos to you for making it that far. I don’t know why you just didn’t fast forward my parts or cut that sh*t off because, what a mess I have made. Oh my god!”

“Don’t even need to watch on Netflix cause all my dumba** scenes are all over tik tok,” he captioned the video.

Bartise Bowden isn’t the only Love Is Blind cast member who’s recently admitted to some of their behaviour on the show. Cole Barnett – who proposed to Zanab Jaffrey in the pods – was called out by viewers when his messy Dallas apartment appeared on the show. In the scene, the 27-year-old realtor was giving the 32-year-old flight attendant a tour of his place when flies were spotted around his toilet.


Replying to @giamyne don’t even need to watch on Netflix cause all my dumbass scenes are all over tik tok 😅

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Barnett poked fun at the moment in multiple TikToks posted earlier this week. “When someone asks why my room is so dirty,” read one TikTok from Barnett, who filmed himself singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” with the lyrics: “It’s me / Hi / I’m the problem, it’s me.”

In another video, the realtor showed himself in the bathroom and punching at the air with the caption: “POV: Fighting off flies and haters in my house cleaned to perfection”.


🙈look y’all, it was bad. BAD! I know. But look, so much better! 🤩

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“Look y’all, it was bad. BAD! I know,” he admitted about his messy bathroom. “But look, so much better!”

New episodes of Love Is Blind season three will air on Wednesday 2 November. Until then, viewers must wait and see if Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez will make it to their wedding day, or if Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey will live happily ever after.