Love is Blind star Alexa Alfia reveals whether she and husband Brennon Lemieux have a prenup

Love is Blind star Alexa Alfia reveals whether she and husband Brennon Lemieux have a prenup

Love is Blind season three star Alexa Alfia Lemieux has revealed whether she and her husband, Brennon Lemieux, signed a prenup before getting married.

Alexa opened up about her marriage on her Instagram Story on Monday during a Q&A session. When a fan asked if she and Brennon ever got a prenup, she revealed that they don’t have one and she “never asked for one.” Though, she says her husband had once mentioned getting it.

“It’s something Brennon brought up and asked about getting one to protect me,” she said in her story, via People. “It’s just something that I wasn’t interested in doing.”

She noted that there’s “nothing wrong” with getting a prenup, explaining that anyone can be “can be on any side of the financial scale and get” one.

She filmed the video while taking a road trip with Brennon, who then chimed in from behind the steering wheel and explained why he thinks a prenup can be beneficial.

“It just kind of allocates things beforehand so that way you don’t have to go through a large legal battle about trying to take what’s his and what’s mine,” he said.

Brennon also told his wife’s Instagram followers why it isn’t a bad thing if their significant other requests to get a prenup.

“If your partner asks for a prenup before the marriage, don’t take that as a slight or anything negative,” he added. “They’re just trying to help everything out in the case that something negative might happen in the future.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, as noted by People, Alexa revealed how she feels with Brennon compared to her previous partners.

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“I just felt a peacefulness that I never experienced before,” she said. “He makes me feel so safe and secure. My heart was just happy, I knew to my very core that he was my person.”

Alexa and Brennon first met when filming Love is Blind in June 2021. They were one of two couples who got married at the end of the season, along with Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, who are also still together.

After the season three reunion episode aired last month, Brennon spoke out about his relationship and how happy Alexa makes him. During an interview with Us Weekly, he said that he’s “head over heels in love with her.”

He also emphasised how much they were enjoying their lives as a married couple.

“Things are great. Things are wonderful. We’ve been able to finally get the families together for a bunch of different events,” he said. “Life is great. Life is wonderful.”