Love Is Blind’s Iyanna on how she found out her ex-husband had cheated on her

Last week, during her Feel in the Blank podcast, Love Is Blind season 2's Iyanna McNeely revealed that her now ex-husband Jarrette Jones had cheated on her. According to the reality star, it was one of the reasons that she filed for divorce.

Fast forward to this week, and the TV personality has spoken on the Little Black Book 91 YouTube channel about the original gut feeling she had when it came to Jarrette's alleged infidelity.

"I remember I was obsessively having this thought, like I feel like I'm gonna get a text message, I feel like I'm gonna get an email, because I started to see that he had discipline issues and issues with self-control, and I knew what that led to," she recalled.

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"It was literally three days before After the Altar was filming, and that was probably nine to 10 months into our marriage."

Iyanna then revealed that the infidelity was confirmed following an email from a woman who said she "saw [her] picture in [her] home."

"She knew my address; she knew my apartment number. She had a picture of her friend in Jarrette's T-shirt in our living room. And I got it via email. He brought her and her friend to our home," she continued.

The influencer - who is 100k shy of one million followers - said that upon reading the email, she confronted her husband there and then.

"Immediately, my heart just dropped, and I go, 'F*ck this, I'm out,'" she finished.

Following the confrontation, Iyanna revealed that Jarrette point-blank denied the allegations and said that the woman was "lying."

But due to the woman giving Iyanna her address, apartment number and telling her "what was in [her] home," she knew that "he couldn't deny it."

As of now, it looks as though Jarrette has not publically responded to Iyanna's claims.

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