Love Is Blind fans are all saying the same thing about Brennon at the Reunion

Let's hope Love Is Blind fans are ready for chaos with a side of shade when they watch the Reunion episode, which dropped on Netflix today [9 November]. While it contains accusations and allegations about some participants, one contestants is getting all the love on social media: Brennon Lemieux.

The final episode of Love Is Blind season three revealed whether Nancy and Bartise, Cole and Zanab, Alexa and Brennon and Matt and Colleen say 'I do' or 'I do not' at the altar, before the participants got together for a Reunion episode.

In it, Nick and Vanessa Lachey looked back on the experiment with the couples, focussing on everything from the future of SK and Raven's relationship, to where things went wrong for Cole and Zanab, and Nancy and Bartise.

love is blind's brennon sparks same reaction from reunion

During which, fans couldn't help but notice Brennon, who is married to Alexa, sticking up for the women and calling out the men for their behaviour. YES Brennon.

"Not Brennon speaking facts about Cole being disrespectful," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another put, "BRENNON STICKING UP FOR ZANAB AWEEEEE #loveisblind"

A third added, "Brennon is a MAN!! He stuck up for Zanab when Cole tried to call her and her actions crazy when HE (and Bartise) was so disrespectful towards Zanab (and Nancy)!"

Someone else said, "BRENNON IS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A MAN the way he stood up for Zanab … UGH PLEASE BE A BRENNON PEOPLE!! The most respectful guy I’ve seen on this show since Cameron."

Yes for people holding other people accountable.

Love Is Blind season 3 and the Reunion is now streaming on Netflix.

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