Louise Thompson gives fans an update after "devastating" house fire

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Photo credit: Instagram/Louise Thompson
Photo credit: Instagram/Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson has shared the upsetting news with fans that she and her family were involved in a serious house fire.

The fire broke out at Louise's mum's house, where the heavily pregnant reality TV star, her fiancé Ryan Libbey and their dogs have been staying while their own home renovations are underway.

After fans noticed Louise and Ryan had been offline for a few days - unusually for them as they post on social media very frequently - there was speculation over whether Louise might have given birth.

Taking to Instagram to clear things up, Louise said: "Contrary to popular opinion (thanks for your well wishes) I haven’t gone into labour, but we were involved in a bad house fire in the middle of the night.

"Thankfully myself, Ryan, my mum and the dogs are all OK. It was an absolutely devastating experience but we managed to get out with minimal damage to our health (including the dogs who we lost in the blinding smoke at one point)," she explained.

Louise praised the emergency services, who arrived in two minutes to tackle the fire, which was caused when a wine cooler exploded overnight.

The mum-to-be also spoke about the terrifying experience of trying to escape the blaze.

"As someone who is very fit and able-bodied I always thought I was invincible and could escape any fight or flight scenario. Well let me tell you, you CANNOT escape the power of fire," Louise said.

"The thick chemical smoke travelled so fast throughout the house which meant that within seconds it was impossible to see or breathe. You literally have seconds to make a decision."

While the family are in shock, they're grateful to have made it out of the fire safely.

"Still probably in shock as it was pretty scary, and could have ended in a different outcome but we will get through it and be grateful for our luck. A big wake up call as to what is really important in life," Louise told fans, adding that the family's main priority is now finding somewhere to live.

Louise also spoke about returning to hospital soon to deliver her baby.

"I will be back at the hospital in the not [too] distant future (hopefully for a more joyful experience) but then I intend on staying away for as long as possible," Louise said.

She urged her followers to check the smoke alarms in their homes and always familiarise themselves with fire safety steps wherever they are.

We're sending Louise and her family our well wishes.

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