Louise Thompson admits she doesn't care about her body anymore on Instagram post

Gabrielle Dyer
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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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In recent years, Louise Thompson has leant more and more into the fitness world on Instagram, now even owning her own activewear business. But in a refreshingly frank Instagram post, Louise admits she's "lost fascination with women's bodies including my own." Posing for a series of stunning snaps whilst holidaying in the Maldives, Louise accompanied the photos with a very long and refreshingly honest caption.

"馃檮Tense Tense Tense. Back in the day every single holiday shot used to be bikini + abs.," she began.

"As I鈥檝e got older I realise I鈥檓 slightly less inclined to post photos with flesh out. It was kinda a natural transition... and something I didn鈥檛 give a lot of thought to. I just post things that I like."

The Made In Chelsea star admitted that she used to post pictures for others rather than herself, saying: "Before I would post things that other people liked and that happened to be me with my bod out. In fact that was the ONLY thing people wanted to see for about 3 years. Pretty glad that I鈥檝e moved away from caring so much about what others think."

Louise went on to suggest that age had been a factor in learning not to worry about the opinions of others.

"Since I turned 30 I seem to have lost my fascination with women鈥檚 bodies including my own. Don鈥檛 get me wrong I care immensely about health + strength + fitness (especially since dealing with my ulcerative colitis) but I don鈥檛 feel I need to prove anything to the world anymore. I don鈥檛 need external validation and I don鈥檛 believe I need to post photos looking super lean with a trim waste all the time to prove that I鈥檓 worthy, strong, successful, happy etc."

Louise was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in 20018, which is a chronic condition involving the inflammation of the rectum and colon. She finished her admission by saying how relieved she feels about not having to do shoots in skimpy clothing.

"Phew, Thank god I don't have to shoot in skimpy clothes and bodycon dresses in the middle of Winter anymore. Relieved to have put those days to bed a while ago. Now I can post fun things I like to wear, long embellished dresses, jumpers, pjs, jewellery, skincare products, things I like to eat, things i've made, flower arrangements, home decor, cool locations etc.

I much prefer being human.

Ps. the truth is sometimes i'm flat, round, soft and doughy (like different types of breads I like) so i don't really want to pretend my bod is always tight like a tiger. 馃悈

Pps. I am keen to explore more around the psychology behind liking a picture that has human flesh in it. Anyone got a good place to start? Any reading material? Is the behaviour innate or is it learnt? What is our fascination with a set of lines? L x"

We'll be honest, we don't think we've ever seen Louise look anything other than amazing so it's crazy to think even she has these thoughts. Also, we're with her on the fascination front, like seriously, why do people care so much about semi clothed female bodies? Social media is weird lol.

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