Louise Redknapp 'crying 10 times a day' over son

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Louise Redknapp 'crying 10 times a day' over son credit:Bang Showbiz
Louise Redknapp 'crying 10 times a day' over son credit:Bang Showbiz

Louise Redknapp has been "crying 10 times a day" since her son decided to move to Arizona.

While the 47-year-old actress is proud of Charlie, 18, for moving to the USA to attend university, she admitted she is struggling to cope with him living so far away.

She told Metro: "I keep crying. I cry like 10 times a day at the moment, like if someone’s nice to me I start crying like, 'Sorry it’s just my son’s going to university'.

"Everyone who’s had kids go off to university say, it’s normal. I’m super proud of him but, God, I’m gonna miss him."

And Louise admitted she even considered moving to America to be closer to Charlie but chose not to as she did not want to disrupt the life of her other son Beau, 13.

She said: "It is something that I would do but I’ve got Beau. Beau’s life is still very much here and Beau’s only 13 so I would never take off and live in another country when Beau’s life is here, school, football and obviously his dad so I would never take him away and I would never leave him.’

"There are some days where I think it would be nice to experience another country and a bit of a fresh start, but also I’m not sure what I’d do for work."

Louise shares Charlie and Beau with ex-husband Jamie Redknapp - who she split from in 2017 after 19 years of marriage - and she recently revealed she has held off dating again in order to protect the boys.

Jamie, 49, married Frida Andersson, 38, in October 2021 and they welcomed their son Raphael in November and Louise said: "I've felt this as a mum and, to say this in the most sort of respectful way, my boys' lives changed dramatically and then it changed again when obviously Jamie got married and had a family.

"Their life changed and I felt like I needed to be their one staple. That's just something I think a lot of mums would feel."