Louisa Johnson: I'm very happy in my own skin

Louisa Johnson (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz
Louisa Johnson (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz

Louisa Johnson feels "very happy in [her] skin".

The 23-year-old pop star has admitted in a candid Instagram post to struggling with her body image in the past, but Louisa now feels "proud" of the journey she's been through.

The blonde beauty wrote alongside a series of bikini photos: "Worked / working really hard on feeling good in my skin & my mind!

"Ive struggled with my body image a lot in the past.

"I never felt like I was ‘there’ with how I am or how I look, I realise that ‘there’ doesn’t exist. Please remember that!! (Me to me also)

"I’m very happy in my skin for the longest time!

"(Not always, remember that too)

"I couldn’t just post this pic with no words cos I am proud of my journey and also to share that we all have our own little battles that we overcome silently. Be proud of yourself and your journey [heart emoji] (sic)"

Last year, meanwhile, Louisa claimed that the coronavirus lockdown "saved" her.

The pop singer - who first found fame on 'The X Factor' - confessed that being stuck at home amid the health crisis gave her the opportunity to work on herself.

She explained: "It actually helped my anxiety a little bit, only because I was at home and was just relaxing.

"I didn't need to be anywhere or do anything so I kind of just had the time to myself and really worked on me and I think that really, really helped. I think it was kind of necessary, actually.

"I think lockdown, as weird as it sounds, probably saved me in a lot of ways because as I've said I had that time to myself and I've learned about myself a lot more and things became a lot clearer to me, just in many different ways. I definitely think it helped me."