Louis Vuitton's Latest Capsule is Primed for an Open, Party, Paradise Summer

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: Louis Vuitton
Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

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Anxious? Restless? Thrilled and nonplussed and nauseous all at once as the end of lockdown approaches? You're not alone! Because, as the hatches are slowly de-battened, a return to real life feels almost too much to bear after a year in intermittent solitude. But it'll be fine. Great, even. And right on cue, Louis Vuitton has released its summer capsule to coincide with the start of Real Proper Fun again.

Based upon ideas of the infinite (men's creative director Virgil Abloh often likes to muse upon such terrifying things), the collection, much like Louis Vuitton's mainline output, remixes the storied house monogram into a newer beat. This time, that means sweats, T-shirts, jackets and accessories that seem in-tune with the demands and travails of what will no doubt be a very busy summer. Better yet, it's colourful (because we're told to look a bit brighter in the sun) but without being obnoxiously so as spray paint shades are anchored by crisp whites and safe blues. London-born, Atlanta-raised rapper 21 Savage also wore it of late (and in the official campaign), which is always a ringing endorsement.

According to the official release notes, the life cycle of a day is the main driver of Abloh's most recent line-up, with different pieces reflecting a different o'clock: "In the Venice Beach area, the sun rises unveiling pastel-coloured suits, Hawaiian shorts and shirts; at its zenith, it covers Japanese denims and monogrammed cottons with pop watercolour hues. At twilight, it casts its bluish light on short suits and indigo pyjamas."

So you've something for a full 24 hours of a blissful, unsanctioned summer. Great. Our favourite? The watercolour sweatshirt, because it's part of Louis Vuitton's wider commitment to an eco-design strategy by 2025 thanks to certification by the Better Cotton Initiative. Even greater.

Available from 19 March and 2 April in two separate drops from louisvuitton.com

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