Louis Tomlinson assures fans surgery on broken arm 'went well'

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Louis Tomlinson has given fans an update on his broken arm.

After the former One Direction bandmate broke his arm on 12 November, he assured fans he is doing well.

Louis took to Instagram on Saturday night to reveal he had broken his arm after a New York City concert.

On Wednesday, he updated fans via Twitter, reporting he had surgery on the fracture.

"Hope everyone is doing alright! Surgery went well so hopefully slowly but surely I'm on the mend," he tweeted.

Later, during an appearance on Tim's Listening Party with Tim Burgess, he responded to fan questions by live-tweeting jokes about his sore arm.

Replying to a fan asking: "Will you play guitar on tour?", Louis tweeted, "One day yes. Bit hard to practise with a broken arm though..."

When another fan questioned, "How are you typing all these tweets?", the singer responded, "1 handed." In a separate tweet, Louis wrote, "Doing alright at this one hand tweeting!"

Also during the listening party, Louis gave insights into the origins of songs on his new album Faith in the Future. He revealed the song title She is Beauty We are World Class came from graffiti "written in the toilet mirror of a train".

He confessed it "felt like a weird place for such a poetic sentiment."