Louie Anderson hospitalised after cancer diagnosis

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Louie Anderson has been hospitalised after cancer diagnosis credit:Bang Showbiz
Louie Anderson has been hospitalised after cancer diagnosis credit:Bang Showbiz

Louie Anderson has been admitted to hospital following his cancer diagnosis.

The 68-year-old comedian is receiving treatment at a medical facility in Las Vegas and is said to be "resting comfortably" after being diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

In a statement, Louie’s publicist Glen Schwartz said: “Iconic comedian Louie Anderson is currently in a Las Vegas hospital being treated for DLBCL Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a form of cancer. He is resting comfortably.”

No word was given about exactly when the ‘Life with Louie’ creator was given the news about his cancer.

In June 2021, the ‘Baskets’ star presented a virtual comedy special from his home in Las Vegas, which he had written while “cooped up” thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Louie said: “I’ve been working on this material from being cooped a whole year. You realise a lot of things, how we’ve lived the last year with Uber Eats and DoorDash. Do I buy Bitcoin or Dogecoin? What do I do with my life now? Who are my friends?”

The two-time Emmy Award winner felt he “got a lot of funny stuff” after the lifting of the lockdown to add to his act.

He said: “Who called you? Who checked on you? When you called them, who was trying to do something good with their life? Who were the people who didn’t call you at all and you’re like, ‘I thought we were friends?’ … I got a lot of funny stuff the first time I went out after the pandemic.”

The ‘Hey Mom: Stories I Told My Mom and You Can Hear Too’ author reflected on his late mother's own experiences growing up during a pandemic.

Louie said: “My mom was born during the last pandemic. She was like 7 or 8 during the Spanish Flu. … She didn’t go into details, just that, ‘We all had to stay home. We all had to be careful.’ They ran gas stations in South Dakota, so they had to be careful and let people pump their own gas, not have interactions with people, wear masks, the whole thing.”