Lost your vaccine card? Don't worry - here's what to do next

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Photo credit: FRANCESCO CARTA - Getty Images
Photo credit: FRANCESCO CARTA - Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, the contents of your bag will be a chaotic blend of old receipts, a lipstick that should have been thrown away years ago and, for some reason, a packet of tissues. A perfect storm for losing small bits of paper.

Therefore, it’s not that surprising that a lot of us have lost, mislaid, or (let's be honest) potentially binned our NHS vaccine cards. You know, the ones that record the date you had the jab and the batch number.

So, what do you do if you’ve lost your vaccine card? We’ve got you covered. We caught up with Thorrun Govind from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to figure out what you need to do next.

Help! I lost my vaccine card and I’ve only had my first jab

Your pharmacy or vaccination centre might be able to replace your card, but the cards do not contain the personal information recorded on your medical records, Govind explains. So, you don’t actually need to bring it with you. Just mention it when you go for your second jab and using your personal details they’ll be able to update your records.

If I don’t need it, what’s the point of a vaccine card?

Basically? It just shows the dates of your doses. It can also remind you of which vaccination you've had. But, because anyone can fill in the vaccination cards, it’s not a recognised Covid pass or form of entry to domestic events or for travel abroad.

Photo credit: urbanbuzz - Getty Images
Photo credit: urbanbuzz - Getty Images

How do I prove I’m vaccinated without my card?

If you’ve already been to a gig or large event, you probably know about the NHS app. This is a separate app from the ‘COVID Track and Trace’ app. Just search for the NHS app in the app store and enter your personal details or your NHS number, which you can get from your GP.

If you’ve only had your first jab, you might also need to upload a negative COVID test to the app to gain your travel pass (depending on the country or event requirements). All you’ll need to do is follow the app instructions.

If you’re double vaccinated, within 48 hours you’ll be able to download a domestic or international COVID pass. This is just a QR code that confirms that you’re double jabbed. The pass works for around 48 hours, so remember to check that your pass is in date.

Happy travelling, folks!

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