'He lost control of his bowels’: 10 jaw-dropping moments from Amber Heard’s testimony in Depp trial

Amber 'wanted to believe' he'd change
The 36-year-old star claimed she knew straight away she "had to leave" her husband, but he cried and promised not to do her again. She said: “I knew it was wrong and I knew I had to leave him. I wish I could sit here and say I walked out of that house… and stood up for myself. “I wanted to believe him. I believed there was a line he wouldn’t cross again and that was it.”
A row over his 'Wino Forever' tattoo
Amber claimed Depp got violent after she questioned him about the 'Wino Forever' tattoo on his arm during a "normal conversation". She alleged: "There was no fighting no argument no nothing. He was drinking. I didn’t realise at the time but I think he was using cocaine. There was a jar of cocaine … a vintage jar of it. "I ask him about the tattoo he has on his arm. To me, it just looks like black marks. I didn’t know what it said. I said, ‘What does it say?' “He said it says ‘wino.’ I didn’t see that. I thought he was joking. I laughed. And he slapped me across the face." (©BANG Showbiz)
'I didn't know what else to do'
The 'Aquaman' star said she "laughed" becaused she "didn't know what else to do" and thought it "must be a joke". She added: "I just stared at him, kinda, laughing still, thinking he was gonna start laughing too. He said ‘You think it’s so funny b****?’ " Amber alleged that he hit her again and she fell. She continued: “It was clear it wasn’t a joke anymore. I stopped laughing. He slapped me for no reason. "Second slap, I know he’s not kidding. I just stared at him. I didn’t move or freak or out defend myself. I just stared at him because I didn’t know what to do. And he slaps me one more time. Hard. I lose my balance.”
Johnny's 'destructive behaviour' took its toll
While giving evidence, Amber also claimed those around the 'Black Mass' star turned a blind eye to his alleged destructive behaviour and substance abuse problem. She said: "This awful thing would take over and you couldn’t see the Johnny I loved underneath it. "And no one told him. No one was honest with him..."
'He'd lose control of his body'
During her testimony, the actress alleged that his substance abuse led to him losing "control" of his bodily functions. She said: "He’d pass out in his own vomit. He’d lose control of his body, he’d lose control and everyone would clean up after him. "This man lost control of his bowels and I cleaned up after him. His security cleaned up after him, changed his pants in front of me."
Amber testified about alleged assaults
Amber - who is countersuing Johnny, arguing he has tried to tarnish her reputation - also went into detail during her first day on the stand about the alleged physical assaults she was subjected to. She said on one occasion, the 58-year-old star allegedly performed a "cavity search" on her in a bid to find drugs during a camping trip for a "party out in the desert" in Hicksville, New York. Amber claimed her former spouse accused her of flirting with a woman, who he threatened by grabbing her wrist, and when they went into their trailer to talk about the incident, the actor allegedly "started smashing things".
She didn't know what she was being accused of hiding
Heard alleged she was repeatedly asked where she was "hiding" something before the actor ripped ripped off her dress and underwear. She said: "He's touching my breasts, he's touching my thighs. He rips my underwear off. And then he... proceeds to do a cavity search. He said he was looking for his drugs."
Heard froze
Heard claimed she froze and "didn't know what to do" during the alleged incident. She added: "He shoved his fingers inside me. I just stood there staring at the stupid light. I didn't know what to do. "I just stood there while he did that. He twisted his fingers around. I didn't say, like, 'stop' or anything."
Amber 'wanted it to be okay'
The 'Danish Girl' actress insisted she doesn't remember how she slept that night or whether she confronted her then-husband following his alleged actions. She added: "I remember wanting it to be okay ... [and] to go back to normal. "I remember seeing my friends by the pool thinking they were just having a great time, and no one knew. I felt so lonely. No one knows; everyone is just having a good time, you know? Like, normal stuff. So I just smiled, made a joke about how trashed the trailer got."
She will return to the stand
Amber is set to return to the stand on Thursday (05.05.22) for the next chapter of the trial. Her testimony comes after Depp previously took to the stand himself and spoke to the court about their relationship. ((c) BANG Showbiz)

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are embroiled in a bitter legal battle with the actor suing her for defamation over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post newspaper about being a survivor of domestic abuse.
The 'Aquaman' actress - who is countersuing her ex - took to the stand at Fairfax County Circuit Court for the first time in the trial this week.
What followed was a series of jaw-dropping, bombshell allegations about Depp during their relationship.
This is what she said in court...