Lorraine Pascale's inspiring post about age is exactly what we needed to see right now

Bethan Rose Jenkins
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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

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Lorraine Pascale has been encouraging others to go for their goals without letting age get in the way, in her recent inspiring post.

The TV chef and former top model is currently completing an MSc (Master of Science) in Psychology at the age of 48. Now, she is using her experiences to inspire others to achieve their dreams and reminding us all that age really is just a number.

In her recent Instagram post, Lorraine posted a quote which said, “So you think you’re too old to do it? Well you’re not. Bloody go for it.” Beneath the image she added the caption, “But Lorraine, I feel too old to…?” encouraging her followers to admit what it is they’d really like to do.

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A wide range of comments came in as (mainly) women revealed goals and ambitions they felt it was too late to pursue, and Lorraine replied to their worries. In her responses, Lorraine challenged people to consider why they believed they weren’t able to do what they wanted, simply because of age.

“I’m too old to be a student surrounded by 19-year-old youngsters!” said one commenter, to which Lorraine replied, “But what’s wrong with being surrounded by youngsters?"

Some said they felt it was too late to start a new career, so Lorraine asked, “How does age get in the way?”

One woman in her 50s worried that it could be difficult to start dating, as men may be looking for someone younger.

“There’s many people out there looking for exactly you. Don’t let your beliefs stop you. Keep an open mind and keep going,” Lorraine responded.

There was even a comment from someone who felt they were too old to get their belly button pierced, to which Lorraine asked, “Who says it is?”

Others agreed with the sentiment in the post wholeheartedly. One individual shared their experience of enrolling in university at 43 and another of chasing their dreams aged 55.

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Lorraine Pascale’s Instagram is a haven of further positivity, as she regularly posts about striving for dreams and refusing to let age stop anyone from achieving what they really want.

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