Lorraine Kelly's Zero-Gravity Experience Was As Ridiculous And Joyful As You'd Hope

We all know British daytime TV is never afraid to lean into the ridiculous, but there was no preparing for what Lorraine Kelly dealt us on Thursday morning.

In honour of her upcoming 60th birthday, Lorraine revealed she recently spent some time in the US, undertaking some actual astronaut training with NASA.

As part of this, the daytime star and beloved TV actress took a flight on the so-called “Vomit Comet”, which allows those on board to experience zero gravity.

In footage shown on her ITV show on Thursday, Lorraine was seen first experiencing weightlessness while lying down on the craft, before lifting off the floor completely.

Lorraine has her first pang of weightlessness (Photo: ITV)

“Everything you think you know about your body, you don’t know. It’s so hard to describe, it’s so strange, nothing makes sense. But in a really good way!” she said, when she took a break from intermittently shouting “ooooh!”, that is.

During her zero-gravity experience, Lorraine was also seen trying to catch some floating sweets in her mouth (“sweeties!”), before unsuccessfully offering her fellow passengers – which included her husband Steve Smith – a cup of tea (or, as she put it “teeeeeeea? Teeeeea!”).

Speaking afterwards, the space travel enthusiast said: “I’ve had the chance to experience a little bit of what it must have been like for these amazing pioneers. What an experience. I just want to do it all over again!”

Back in the studio, she joked: “That was amazing, I don’t think that Tim Peake squealed like that when he was doing it, though.”

After going through all that we'd probably need a cuppa too (Photo: ITV)

Having already played the role of a lifetime (herself on daytime telly for all these years), it’s refreshing to see Lorraine following in fellow actress Sandra Bullock’s footsteps for this new space experience.

Lorraine airs every weekday from 8.30am on ITV.

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