Lorraine Kelly shares cute US election commentary from her dog Angus

Elena Chabo
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Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

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As we wait to find out for certain the results of the US election, the days of ongoing vote counting have felt so long, but must feel even longer in dog years...

Lorraine Kelly has been sharing adorable updates of her dog Angus watching the US election results and his commentary is totally relatable.

The first photo, posted early on Thursday (5 November), shows Angus settling down for a nap on the sofa.

It was playfully captioned: "Angus says 'I’m worn out with this US election malarkey- wake me up when it’s over.'"

Lorraine has had Angus for three years now and we love when he pops up on her Instagram.

By late Thursday night Angus was back, and disappointed to find out there was still no definite answer in the close race.

With the post reading: "'Has the election been decided yet?' Says Angus: 'Or should I just go back to sleep?'"

We totally get how you feel Angus.

The large number of mail in votes due to the pandemic, and the closeness of the race, has meant a long wait to find out the result. Napping through the stress sounds like a good idea to us!

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