Lorraine Kelly is covered in tattoos in new deepfake comedy

Lorraine Kelly is unrecognisable in this first look at ITVX's new comedy series Deep Fake Neighbour Wars, which uses cutting edge technology to recreate famous celebrities like we've never seen them before.

Credit: Lorraine / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

LORRAINE KELLY: Andy had recently qualified as a nurse, and I was so proud of him. But the commute was quite long, so I decided we better move just so Andy could be closer to the hospital.

I had some good times in Wimbledon, but my mum was right, as she always is.

[LAUGHS] Welcome back. Isn't that quite scary? That is-- that's not me, but it is kind of me. Because I don't have those tattoos yet. But apparently, Andy Murray--


Andy Murray is my son and I live next door to RuPaul, which kind of sounds good, actually. I kind of like that.

It's an exclusive clip from "Deep Fake Neighbor Wars." It's new comedy show. It uses that latest technology alongside some of the country's best impressionists. You can see "Deep Fake Neighbor Wars" on ITV X, the new streaming channel, in January. It's-- [LAUGHS]