Loren Gray Talks TikTok Trends, Her DIY Beauty Routine, and Finding Confidence

Jessica Harrington

Loren Gray has a lot of titles. Singer, social media personality, model, beauty enthusiast, and entrepreneur are just a handful of them. With 52 million followers on TikTok and a career as a content creator that spans six years (she started when she was 13), you can say she's been at this for a while.

Her love for beauty started at a similarly young age. Her mom owned a beauty salon when she was a kid and taught Gray how to do her own hair and nails early on. A quick scroll through Gray's TikTok shows just how passionate she is about beauty, but what most people don't realize is that she still implements that do-it-yourself mentality, which is one of the reasons she partnered with Revlon for the launch of its new Ultra HD Snap! nail polish collection.

"I like to do everything myself - nails, spray tan, everything - because I like having control over the outcome," Gray told POPSUGAR.

Ahead, she's sharing her best DIY beauty hacks, the TikTok beauty trends she's obsessed with, her growing tattoo collection, and more.