Long hair? This £10 'wonder' product is a must-buy

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L'Oreal's Wonder Water is a haircare must-have. (Getty Images)
L'Oreal's Wonder Water is a haircare must-have. (Getty Images)

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Having longer hair is brilliant. 

I love the way it dances around my face in the wind, I love the number of different styles I can try with it and I get endless enjoyment and comfort from twirling it around my fingers.

Plus, it helps me in the auntie stakes, as my nieces play with my hair with the same reverence as they would a princess's. 

"You're just like Elsa from Frozen," I'm told, as they plait my hair (badly) over and over.

However, the downside of such long locks is the seemingly endless brushing they need. 

I can ensure every knot and kink is smoothed out just before I leave the house, but by the time I arrive at my destination, it will look as though I'm halfway through building a beehive on my head. 

In the scope of problems it's small, but in terms of how much of my time it takes up, it's pretty big.

Which is why, when a friend recommended L'Oreal's £9.99 Dream Lengths Wonder Water, I immediately signed up to the (very long!) waiting list.

L'Oreal's Dream Lengths Wonder Water
L'Oreal's Dream Lengths Wonder Water

As the worst-kept haircare secret since its launch earlier in the year, the Wonder Water took a while to get to me (though I am assured by beauty gurus that queues have now cleared), but, boy, was it worth the wait.

I apply it to my washed hair, avoiding the roots, then rub it in between the palms of my hands. I leave it on for a minute or so (though you can leave it on for longer) and then rinse off and dry my hair as normal.

Well, almost as normal, because the huge difference is that brushing takes under half the time.

Usually I'm not a fan of the hyperbolic language used on skin and haircare bottles, but for this product, I think the word 'wonder' isn't enough: Unbelievably-genius-totally-baffling-water I'd call it (give me a call, L'Oreal). 

Not only does the brush glide through with minimal tugging, my hair stays smooth and easy to manage throughout the day - and for several days post-wash.

Plus, it makes my hair look more shiny, as though I've given it hours of extra TLC and it makes it feel like yarns of silk rather than in need of a cut (don't judge, I'm still waiting for my haircut).

In short, you can clear out the lotions and potions from your shower, because this deserves pride of place. 

All you need to do now is decide what you're going to do with all your extra free time. 

Buy it: Wonder Water by L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Hair Treatment | £9.99 from Boots

Also available at Superdrug, Amazon and lookfantastic.

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