Lorde of the Onion Rings: Singer Reveals Secret Instagram

Lorde is known for her hit song “Royals” and for being a part of Taylor Swift’s squad, but for a minute she was getting a lot of buzz about a rumored secret Instagram account.

The Grammy-winning singer sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and finally revealed her identity as an anonymous fried-food critic. When Fallon asked if Lorde was the owner of the account, she confirmed “it’s me.”

“I naively didn’t realize that it would be a thing that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places,” she added.

Recently a reporter from the New Zealand website Newshub did some serious investigative journalism and concluded that Lorde was secretly running an Instagram account called “Onion Rings Worldwide.” The account reviewed the tasty treats at various restaurants across the world.

Instagram – Onion Rings Worldwide

Digital evidence pointed to the “Tennis Court” singer because fans on social media noticed that the fingers holding the onion rings closely resembled the artist’s. If that weren’t proof enough, the onion ring reviews also matched up with Lorde’s tour locations, and Lorde was one of the followers on the account.

If her singing career doesn’t work out, Lorde might consider being a full-time food critic. In one review, she writes: “Actually pretty good — thick, sweet white onion. Good flavour on the crumb.”

Lorde is currently promoting her second studio album, Melodrama.

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