Lorde just wore her own hair as a scarf and we've got questions

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Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

It's pretty safe to say that singer Lorde very much has her own style when it comes to her aesthetic choices. It should come as no surprise then, that earlier this week she used her own hair as a scarf while walking the red carpet at a v glamorous event in New York City.

Yep, you read that right, the 25-year-old quite literally threw the rulebook out the window when she decided to wear her own hair in place of a scarf. Reject modernity, embrace tradition and all that, right?

Walking the red carpet at Wednesday's Guggenheim International Gala in New York, the singer teamed her elegant 2018 Dior gown with an elaborate hairstyle to match. Understandably fans had lots of questions. Like, how'd she get her hair to do that?

Thankfully, that question didn't remain unanswered for too long, as the singer's hairstylist took to Instagram to reveal all. Sharing a series of photos of her hair-scarf, which showed how he'd created the look by wrapping Lorde's hair around her neck in a kind-of-kind-of-not ponytail, Cameron Rains said: "Bringing the vision to life."

The look was complete with accompanying Dior accessories, including nude pumps and dangly earrings. Later in the night, the 'Royals' singer said goodbye to her hair-scarf, replacing it with a tousled braid that skimmed her hips for her on-stage performance. She also swapped her pale orange, pleated gown for another gorgeous Dior number, this time a sparkly gold suit (with perhaps the most wide-leg pants we've ever set our eyes on).

Can't say we'll be giving the hair-scarf a go anytime soon tbh...

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