Loose Women's Linda Robson reveals 'violating' moment young fan grabbed her breast - leaving her in tears

Loose Women star Linda Robson has spoken live on-air on Friday 31 May about one of her most upsetting experiences, when a young stranger “grabbed her breast” while she was on holiday with her family, including her three children – son Louis and daughters Bobbie and Lauren.

The 66 year old actress, best known for her role in comedy Birds of a Feather, was talking as part of a discussion about sexual harassment on the ITV lunchtime show when she shared her own personal story.

She explained to viewers that she was with her children when a stranger came up and asked for a photograph. "I was on holiday with my family, my sister, their boys and also my three kids. We were outside a bar all having a seat and a drink, and this young boy came over to me and said, 'Is it okay if I have a photograph?'”

Linda Robson
Linda spoke about her sexual assault experience on Loose Women -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

"So I said, 'Yeah, yeah no problem.' So I stood up to have a photograph, and he put his arm around me and grabbed my breast. The kids started chasing him up the road – thank god they didn’t catch him."

"Honestly it was one of the most upsetting things that’s ever happened to me. Really violating" she continued, adding that she burst into tears after it happened.

Her Loose Women co-star Nadia Sawalha recalled her own experience with sexual harassment while pursuing her acting career.

"I was about to say I’m ashamed of myself but I shouldn’t be because I was the victim," she said, about speaking out when sexual assault happens. "Right through my life as an actress I had so many situations that were severely uncomfortable. Never once told anyone or stood up for myself. In my head I was just like, 'This is part of life.'"

Linda Robson's and Louis Dunford
Linda with her son Louis -Credit:Instagram

Brenda Edwards noted: "It’s very important to speak out. I have unfortunately been in that situation in the entertainment industry on more than one occasion where I’ve been inappropriately touched." She added that she did speak up about it at one point, and after she did so another woman came forward and told her: “Thank you, that same thing happened to me.”

“It’s not easy to speak up, especially when it’s a man in power,” Brenda also said.

Linda Robson recently stunned fans when she revealed her son is Louis Dunford, the singer and songwriter who performs and wrote the Arsenal football club anthem The Angel (North London Forever), when she filmed herself in tears at the Emirates stadium hearing it for the first time.

If you've been affected by any of the issues in this story you can contact Rape Crisis in the UK on their online chat or by calling 0808 500 2222.