Loose Women's Coleen Nolan confirms new relationship after detailing insecurities

Coleen Nolan has confirmed she is in a new relationship almost a year after her split from ex-boyfriend Michael Jones.

Appearing alongside Ruth Langsford, Jane Moore and Gloria Hunniford on Tuesday's Loose Women, the presenter confessed she has "never been happier" with her new boyfriend as they touched upon relationship woes and how long one should wait before they embark on a new romance.

"It's always been in the moment and within a month or two months we're living together," she explained. "Well you know with Ray, I was pregnant… that was about five weeks! And then when I met Shane when I was younger, it was instant. "Then what's happened since I've gone back on the dating scene is I've been affected by that. I've grown up thinking if it isn't that, it's not right. If you haven't got that instant thing, it's not right."

She added: "And then gradually over time, with the person I'm with now... I hate talking about this. The person I'm with now, it has taken a longer time and it's my fault. Because I keep thinking, 'I'm not used to this, I'm not used to someone loving me the way you do."

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"I've never believed I am because I've never been with anyone that makes me feel that 100%. And I've accepted that 'I'm just super romantic and I want everything to be like a film' but it's not. And that's why they don't hold my hand or they're not bothered or they don't pay me compliments, and actually I've met someone now that does."

Coleen Nolan in a printed top on Loose Women
Coleen Nolan in a printed top on Loose Women

Of her new boyfriend's romantic traits, she noted: "At first it freaked me out and now over the last couple of years I thought, 'Actually, do you know what? Just accept it for once in your life and enjoy it because it's what you've been looking for.' Now that I've truly opened myself up to it, I've never been happier!"

Meanwhile, Coleen has previously been married twice: first to Shane Richie from 1990 to 1999, and secondly to Ray Fensome from 2007 to 2018. She opened up about her ex-husband Shane being unfaithful during a chat on Loose Women and revealed she wished she had listened to her intuition.

"I kept making excuses, I kept thinking it was me. I was just turning into this person that I've never been before. I was checking receipts, checking phone bills, going to shops and going, 'What was actually bought with this receipt?'.

Coleen Nolan on Loose Women panel
Coleen Nolan on Loose Women panel

"I turned into this detective that I've never been and it was all true and I should have listened to my instincts at the beginning but your heart doesn't want to," the presenter said.

Following her split from her second husband, Coleen described the end of their relationship as "hellish" and admitted her marriage was "truly dead."

"Me and my husband Ray are divorcing. I wanted to tell you first as I can hardly sit here and keep dishing out advice if I'm not being totally straight about what is going on in my own life. I've got tears pouring down my face as I write this. It's hard to imagine that so much could have changed from that day when we married," she wrote in her agony aunt column for The Mirror. 

Shane Richie standing with Coleen Nolan
Shane Richie standing with Coleen Nolan

She continued: "There is too much dividing me and Ray. We can't go back. And my future is going to be very different to the one I'd imagined back then. And I guess that's what makes me sad. But, slowly, as I come to terms with the reality of it all, it's making me excited too.

"As I've written a million times before – women who've tried everything to fix a marriage but still feel desperately unhappy, have to get out. We owe it to ourselves. And we also owe it to our kids to show them that everyone has a right to be happy."

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