Loose Women star Ruth Langsford's condition she chooses not to medicate

Loose Women's Ruth Langsford is one of the show's most upbeat presenters, but behind closed doors, the 62-year-old is struggling with her health.

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"These days I put on weight much more easily," Ruth told Woman & Home. "I've a slightly underactive thyroid that's not medicated, which makes it harder." An underactive thyroid is a common condition in which your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones.

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According to the NHS, symptoms include tiredness, feeling depressed and as Ruth experienced, weight gain.

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Speaking about gaining weight as a result of not medicating her underactive thyroid, Ruth said: "I'm not ready to say 'to hell with it, I'm going to eat and drink what I want, who cares what size I am?' It's about finding balance."

She went on to reveal the rules she follows to maintain a healthy weight, telling Woman & Home: "I try to eat healthily and take my breakfast, a green juice, and lunch to work, otherwise I end up eating rubbish all day."


Ruth Langsford follows a healthy diet

Exercise-wise, Ruth said she walks her dog Maggie, which she calls "joyous," and she's a fan of weightlifting too, often sharing insights into her gym sessions on social media.

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Despite exercising regularly, Ruth spoke of the perils of finding clothes that suit her now she's in her sixties, commenting: "I can be reduced to tears trying to buy jeans. You're in a small dressing room, with a hideous mirror, hot and sweat and nothing fits," she lamented.


Ruth Langsford hates trying on jeans

We think Ruth always looks gorgeous – and we bet her husband, Eamonn Holmes, agrees!

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