Loose Women star, 54, branded a 'porn star' by daughter's friends over bikini snaps

Saira said her children were 'mortified' by her latest look
-Credit: (Image: Instagram / Saira Khan)

Loose Women's Saira Khan has revealed that one of her bikini snaps led to her daughter's school friends labelling her a "porn star".

Despite this, the 54 year old has vowed not to stop posting such pictures. Saira is known for her body-positive posts on social media and was recently applauded for showcasing her natural figure.

She opened up about the comments made by her daughter's friends towards her 13 year old daughter, Amara, on Wednesday. The TV personality posted a candid video of herself donning a black and white bikini.

Saira, who has been married since 2004 to Steve, captioned the post: "My daughter came home from school the other day saying that a girl had googled me and found photos in a magazine where I had done a shoot showing off my body and as a result called me a 'PORN STAR'."

Saira Khan
Saira has vowed to not stop posting bikini pictures -Credit:Instagram

"I have to also share that this girl is a Muslim, she took 2 days off school to celebrate EID, no doubt her family fasted and prayed to God and she probably prays at home - reciting the words of the holy Quran. My daughter is 13 years old and goes to an all girls school. The rumour spread by this girl has upset her."

Saira, who is mum to her daughter and son Zachariah, clarified that she didn't blame Amara's classmate, and expressed her desire for those raised in the same faith to embrace a woman's body.

She went on to say: "I do not blame this girl for saying what she has, I blame her parents - children only act out what they see and hear at home - language and behaviour is absorbed by children. The reason I mention this child's culture and religion is because I also was brought up in that very same environment where to see a woman celebrating her body and you immediately relate it to "sex" "shame" "guilt" "derogatory terms".

Saira Khan
Saira's daughter's friend called her a 'porn star' when she saw the pictures Saira posted in a black and white bikini -Credit:Instagram

"The problem is that so many women are so disconnected from loving their bodies that as they age, they are the ones that suffer the most from pain, illness and long term health issues!

"Here's some facts for you: Compared to other religious groups, Muslims in the UK have the highest agestandardised rate of reported ill health (13% for males, 16% for females) and disability (24% of females, 21% of males), with widespread poverty and deprivation. (ncbi).

"As a 54 year old Asian woman, I have always been judged by the very people that look like me and share my religious and cultural heritage for what I "wear and look like" rather than what I do and have achieved."

"It does not bother me - part of healing is to let go of 'what other people do' - this 13 year old girl is projecting her own unhappiness, jealousy, insecurities etc.

"One of the biggest personal freedoms I have achieved as a woman is to wear what I like, when I like and to feel amazing in my skin without any feelings of shame, guilt or fear.

"Seeing brown women confident in their bodies, celebrating their health and skin is still a taboo subject ... but until you see badass women like me kick that taboo down, the backward mindset will prevail. #bodyconfience #woman #badass."

Saira Khan on Loose Women
Saira is regularly praised for her body confidence

Fans quickly flooded the comments section with messages of love and support.

Andrea McClean responded with three clapping emojis, while Lizzie Cundy commented: "Fabulous everything .”

Saira was a regular on the Loose Women panel from 2015 to 2020. She recently criticised the daytime TV show and revealed she only keeps in touch with four of her former co-stars.