Nando's CONFIRMS Heavily Rumoured New Menu Item

After heavy speculation and cryptic Instagram clues, Nando's has finally confirmed that Fully Loaded Fries will be on the menu from today!

It's the first time the iconic Nando's chicken and Peri Peri Chips have been combined in one epic dish.

The new menu item was inspired by Nando's fans creating their own version of loaded chips on TikTok, taking different bits from the menu and making their own mix-and-match loaded chip meal.

So, here's the lowdown:

PERi-Salted Chips and pulled chicken in your chosen spice, topped with melted cheddar cheese, spring onions, smoky PERi-Tamer sauce and a creamy dressing. It sounds heavenly.

nandos fully loaded chips

The dish is made to share (although we're not judging...) and will cost £8. It's available in all Nando's in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Joining the Fully Loaded Chips is a limited edition Pepper & Feta dip served with warm pitta triangles. It's made with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, garlic and feta and sounds absolutely divine.

Also joining the lineup for a limited time is a returning fan favourite spice level: Garlic BBQ Baste. One for garlic fans, it's sticky, smoky and sweet.

The Peri-Peri chicken restaurant posted a cryptic clue about the new menu items on their Instagram last week, driving Nando's fans wild with anticipation.

The post features a "loading" image of three chillies and a glimpse of something VERY tasty-looking. The caption says: F_ _ l _ L _ _ _ ed C _ _ _ _.

From this, fans made an educated guess that the new menu item will be Fully Loaded Chips.

People in the comments were quick to guess the new menu item, with loads of comments saying something along the lines of, "gotta be a fully loaded chips 👀."

Other comments lamented the loss of the Caesar Salad (we understand, this was an elite menu item) while some tagged the Nando's fans in their lives to alert them to the potential launch.

Judging by the launches we've already seen from Nando's this year, we're excited for this one. The VUSA XX HOT returned this year to much fanfare, along with a new in-store product in the form of a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce for at-home burgers, wings, chips and everything in between.