It looks like Kourtney and Scott were almost back together before her relationship with Travis

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Photo credit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
Photo credit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian is the KUWTK storyline that keeps on giving. From meeting back in 2006 to co-parenting their three children together, we can never keep up (ironically) with Scott and Kourtney's on-again off-again relationship. Well, according to the most recent episode of KUWTK the relationship was very nearly on again before Kourtney eventually got together with Travis Barker, who she's still with now.

It all starts at the beginning of the episode when Kourtney and Scott 'coincidentally' end up at the Malibu house on the same evening without their kids, and end up watching a movie together. Things quickly get quite flirty with the pair reminiscing about their sex life and previous relationship.

Later in the episode, Kim, Khloé and Kendall talk about Scott and Kourtney, sharing how they're desperate for them to get back together, before Kim suggests to her sisters that they "parent trap" them by tricking them to going on a date together.

The sisters set up a romantic date (which is inexplicably Switzerland-themed because of some vague comment Kourtney once made about moving to Switzerland...) telling the two of them that it's a family dinner. Despite the trick, the date genuinely seems to bring the former couple together, with flirty looks exchanged and old memories brought up. Classic.

Photo credit: E!
Photo credit: E!

Of course, we're on season 20 now so we're all pretty aware of how staged this all is, but in their interviews during the episode Kourtney and Scott do seem to genuinely reflect on their relationship and how feasible they are as a couple.

Speaking to camera Scott tells viewers that while the family often push Kourtney to take Scott back, he knows it isn't that easy.

"I think the family puts a lot of pressure on Kourtney - more so than me - in regards to them wanting her to be back together with me. They just see two people who spend a lot of time together, do a lot of things with their children so why can’t we have a perfect family and a white picket fence, but it’s just not that simple," he says.

Kourtney then chimes in, saying how nice it was to spend time together just the two of them without the kids.

Photo credit: E!
Photo credit: E!

"I forgot how nice it is to just have a conversation with Scott without the kids. We're friends," she continues, before Scott adds, "Purely platonic."

However, once Scott calls their relationship platonic Kourtney starts laughing, which certainly suggests something.

Of course this will all have been filmed a while ago, and Kourtney has since got together with Blink 182 star Travis Barker. The relationship seems pretty well established, with the pair sharing lots of loved-up posts about each other on Instagram, but it certainly looks as though Kourtney and Scott were on the cards at some point before the relationship began.

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