Looking for festive hairstyles? Try these easy looks and party-hair hacks

Party hair doesn’t have to be tricky [Photo: Getty]
Party hair doesn’t have to be tricky [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to festive beauty, there are plenty of make-up trends to be inspired by but what about party hair?

Many of us are will experiment with our make-up, but stick to tried-and-tested hairstyles because all the Pinterest worthy updo’s look insanely difficult. Are there any amazing salon-style looks that can be easily done at home?

We caught up with two renowned hair stylists to get some ideas.

Wash your hair the day before

Unless you’re planning to rock the ‘just stepped out the shower’ look like Rita Ora, freshly washed hair isn’t the easiest to work with. Steve Robinson, Electric Hairdressing’s art director, says clean hair is too soft – a day of product will actually help with generating volume and movement.

Top Tip: If you’re desperate to wash your hair, you can re-create the day-old texture by using dry shampoo on the roots and mid-lengths and then use a dry finishing spray to fix.

Not got time to have your roots done?

Busy social schedules during party season can mean that booking in for your regular colour appointment can be difficult. Steve recommends the Root Touch Up by L’Oréal Professional.

“The simple dry application makes it foolproof for even the most novice of handlers. It’s also water resistant so there is no worry if you get caught in a glorious British downpour.”

Prep your party hair

In the same way that we prepare our bodies for the onslaught, your hair needs to be ready too. Healthy hair is the easiest to work with so, whether you are building up to a special occasion or want to recover hair from excess styling and heat damage, Steve recommends that we invest in a treatment.

Try the Electric ºC-1 Intensive Treatment Masque, £25, at least twice a week. It floods the hair with the moisture it needs, evening out the porosity of the cuticle and making hair more manageable.

[Photo: Electric Hair]
[Photo: Electric Hair]

Office Party Hair: Side swept glamour

This is a Hollywood red carpet favourite and there’s a reason why – it’s chic, feminine and it looks effortless. We can see this working at the Christmas party, teamed with a screen siren red lip and fortunately Darren Scott, celebrity hairdresser, assures us that it’s very simple to do.

First of all, smooth the hair and blast away any frizz by blow-drying with the nozzle pointing down the hair cuticle.

Once dry, part the hair on the opposite side to where your hair normally falls so that you create more volume around the crown section. Darren says “When hair is parted in one spot over a long period of time, the hair becomes accustomed to this positioning and becomes flattened.”

Curl the hair all over with a barrel tong before smoothing back one side of the hair to fall over one shoulder. Secure in place with bobby pins – be sure to use grips that camouflage with your hair colour.

Tease the curls gently to soften the look, then mist all over with a flexi-holding spray. This should also guard against sweat and humidity so your look doesn’t fall flat as the night goes on!

On trend party hair: The Faux-hican

What’s a fauxhican? A faux Mohican style of course. Afro hair types will slay this look, it’s one of Darren’s favourite ways to glam up afro-textured hair. This style is perfect for festive fashion-forward events or anything that requires extra drama.

To prep, twist the hair the night before with a non-flaking, alcohol-free styling gel or curl with flexi-rods. Tease out the twists, then brush up each side of the hair and pin securely in place with lots of bobby pins.

Using a metal tail comb, style the curls around the front so they drop slightly over the forehead.

The fauxhican is flattering and edgy – perfect for a quick evening ‘do [Photo: Electric Hair]
The fauxhican is flattering and edgy – perfect for a quick evening ‘do [Photo: Electric Hair]

No time Party Hair: The Power Pony

Steve Robinson says that the power pony is a failsafe and will always pack a punch. It sculpts the face and is an instant transformation. It’s also one of the easiest options for party hair and can be done in minutes.

Scrape your hair high and tight so that the base of the pony sits in perfect alignment to your jaw.

Spray a brush with hairspray and use it to pile hair up – the hairspray will catch those flyaways for the ultimate sleek pony.

Wrap a small amount of hair around the base to hide the band and fix with a Kirby grip and more hair spray.

Bella Hadid works the power pony like no other [Photo: Getty]
Bella Hadid works the power pony like no other [Photo: Getty]

Need a quick change?

Steve says “Party partings are the easiest way to zhush hair without much effort.” Just use a tail comb to switch your parting or try a bold centre parting or a full comb-back.

If you’ve got a hairdryer at hand, set with heat or otherwise a fine misting of hair spray. The possibilities are endless.

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