How to look a knockout in your Christmas dress.....from your office chair!

Anita Albrecht
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How to look a knockout in your Christmas dress.....from your office chair!
Steal the show this Christmas with the ultimate festive party season workout

So, you're rushed, tight for time, working all hours, racing home for the kids, stuck on trains and getting to the gym less and less? If you can get a workout in great but if you can't not all is lost. Don't worry, you are not going to be out of luck EVEN if you are trying to look a knockout in that Christmas dress you have your eye on and are desperate to look fabulous in! That's right, from arm exercises you can do at home to a few clever little leg exercises that you can do on the train, in the cinema and pretty much anywhere, you'll be surprised what you can achieve - maximum results with minimum output!

This time of year is fun but getting all dressed up can cause many lady a headache especially if she feels the need to cover up those arms and legs but still wants that lovely new male colleague to notice them. Sound like you? Well keep reading because I am here to help you make them turn their heads twice without stressing about sporadic gym workout sessions.

Let's start with your legs. If you are stuck in hours of commute or are in an office all day, imagine how much tighter and lovelier your legs will look with just a few extra muscle contractions in all the right places! Start with these clever little chair exercises:

1 - 'The Pencil Pins': (Calf Raises) - put your weight into the balls of your feet. Either seated at your desk or standing up near the photocopier, raising up on to the balls of your feet squeezing your calf muscles 3-4 times a day for 20 repetitions per time are sure to get more tightness and definition in those calves of yours. If you are keen on pencil skirts this is perfect for you!

2 - 'The Grace Jones': (Thigh Toner) - remember Grace Jones in the James Bond film? She could crush men with her thighs and that was impressive but what was even more impressive were her toned legs and glutes! Tighten your quads and thighs while you sit by squeezing your glutes (buttocks) and thighs together, holding each contraction for 10-20 seconds. Do this 10 times about 3 times a day and you are sure to have a more shapely derriere and firm thighs in that slim fitting dress!

The arms are just as important. No one wants bingo wings right? So, try this for much better arms a day short on time.

3 - 'The Dolly Parton': (the Chest Squeeze) - Pushing out your chest, squeezing it hard isometrically (holding it for a duration of time) works the pectoral muscles beautifully! The trick is how long to hold it for and how hard. Try this. Stick your chest out, squeeze the muscles hard, hold for 15-20 seconds then release. Do this about 10 times 3 times a day and you are sure to tone up the little 'bit' across the chest nearing to your armpits which makes a big difference in sleveless dresses.

4 - 'The G.I. Jane: (Press Up and Tricep Dip) - All of us have a spare 5 mins in the day right? If not, create it by getting up earlier in the morning! Even if its 2 mins 30 in the morning and 2 mins 30 at night before bed, try these for great arms and upper body tone. In the morning, wake like a trooper and hit that floor! Press Ups, as many as you can do (either full press ups or from the knees holding your abs in tight too for the tummy!) for 2.5 minutes. Then at night, find a chair or some stairs, put your hands on it, facing forwards about shoulder width apart and perform some good tricep dips. Bend the arms straight behind you to a 90 degree angle then straighten them completely at the top squeezing the triceps hard to tone those bingo wings. You guessed it, 2.5 minutes worth! If G.I. Jane can do it, so can you right?

And finally, the tummy.

5 - 'The Cavelady': Cave that stomach in! This you can do anywhere and the results if done regularly can really tighten the transverse abdominals (deep layer of stomach muscle) causing a more visibly small waist! Suck your tummy in creating a 'caved-in' effect. Hold it for around 30 seconds drawing your belly button in to your lower back pulling the muscles in tightly. Do this as many times as you like throughout the day to help engage those inner abdominal muscles and get them tighter to give a much more impressive waistline.

So, there are no excuses. Gym or no gym, here are five simple moves to get you moving closer towards wearing that dress that will impress. If its fabulous you want to look then be a knockout - just do these moves and then you'll knock them all out!