Look cute and keep your feet extra comfy with the best fuzzy slippers

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Female legs with red nails in home fur fluffy pink slippers on a light wooden background
Female legs with red nails in home fur fluffy pink slippers on a light wooden background

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Even our attire is hilariously mismatched during important Zoom meetings – a tailored jacket with… sweatpants? Funky, right? A key aspect of modern-day, remote living clothes is comfort. And what better way to kick back and relax than in soft, plush slippers after a long hard day of running around, either at home or outside. We’ve carefully selected the best fuzzy slippers of 2022 for your feet (that will hopefully be off-camera for your next Zoom meeting).

Numerous studies say that wearing the right slipper is essential for the well-being of your feet. Additionally, the width of a slipper is paramount in hitting the sweet spot of comfort and care. Hooked? We’re confident that your podiatrist will love this selection of slippers. So, are you ready to give your feet some TLC? Let’s do this!

Top Picks

Best overall: Crazy Lady Fuzzy Slippers

If you’ve been looking for the most comfortable pair of fuzzy slippers to unwind in, we’ve found a pair that’s a cut above the rest. The Crazy Lady fuzzy slippers have a luxuriously soft fur lining that allows your feet to sink in, while its textured rubber sole keeps the slipper stable and in place. Customers particularly love how the fur feels against the skin.

The slippers are available in a range of colors, making them perfect for gifting. They have an open-toe design that allows your feet to breathe and makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds! The velvety smoothness will keep you raving about these fuzzy slippers for days. These slippers tick all the boxes when it comes to practicality and style.


  • The open-toe design keeps it breathable

  • Soft fur lining

  • Textured rubber soles for stability

  • Lightweight and easy on the feet


  • The sizing is a bit inaccurate

Most comfortable: Coface Plush Fuzzy Slippers

Is your 9-to-5 job wreaking havoc in your life and on your feet? If that’s the case, you probably need the Coface Plush fuzzy slippers. This style has a unique crisscross strap design made of real rabbit fur, with a distinctive curve in the sole that adds much-needed support to your feet.

The arch support of this shoe guarantees an overall comfortable and moldable fit for your feet, while the textured sole prevents the slippers from losing their grip on a slippery floor. These fuzzy slippers are available in a range of adorable colors. You can rock them for a quick errand or a spa date with your friends. Moreover, their high-elastic TPE memory foam soles will definitely reward your feet after a long tiring day.


  • Supportive arch design

  • Snug fit

  • Cute color


Most stylish: HUMIWA Faux Fuzzy Slippers

The Humiwa Faux Fuzzy Slippers are like a pillow for your feet. But these slippers don’t just look cute; they’re practical too. The faux fur lining encloses your feet in a bear-like hug, while the waterproof, anti-slip sole ensures that you maintain your stability. Wet tiles will no longer be your nemesis!

These fuzzy slippers are available in a range of cheerful colors, catering to everyone’s taste. The best part is that you can pop these slippers in the machine for a quick spin or just hand wash them to clean any dirt they have accumulated over time. Moreover, they are made of an almost lightweight plush material that feels weightless.


  • A super-soft fur lining

  • Attractive design

  • Anti-slip soles


  • The size chart is a bit inaccurate

Best cruelty-free: QMFUR Vegan Fuzzy Slippers

Nothing can beat the feeling of warm toasty feet. Do you know what feels even better? Knowing the product you’re using was made without animal cruelty. Yes, the QMFUR Vegan Fuzzy Slippers incorporate faux fur ONLY, so they are cruelty-free. Your feet deserve artisan craftsmanship, and these slippers do not disappoint in that department either.

Customers particularly love their design – it’s simple and comfortable with PVC soles and faux fur. You’ll be bouncing around the house as you effortlessly glide about in these slippers. Thanks to the wide range of colors, you can get a pair to go with a different outfit every day! These will be your go-to slippers, whether you are stepping outside to take the trash out or lounging around in your house.


  • Open-toe design

  • Available in different colors

  • Vegan composition


  • Runs a bit small

Most durable: Fur Story Fuzzy Slippers

Fashion meets function when it comes to the Fur Story Fuzzy Slippers. Made of a rare combination of fur, leather and sponge, this sturdy pair of slippers will keep your toes warm and fuzzy. Its three-dimensional sole design ensures adequate padding as you go about your day. Additionally, this style is made of sturdy rubber, which is wear-resistant and shockproof, so you don’t have to bother about its longevity.

You will be amazed by how breathable the sole is and its moisture-wicking abilities. On the other hand, the anti-slip feature ensures robust stability; no more slipping and sliding across tiles and wet floors. Moreover, there’s a surprise within the package: a nifty brush to entangle the faux fur on your slippers. How convenient!


  • A long-lasting rubber sole

  • Textured anti-slip sole surface

  • Comes with a convenient brush for maintenance


  • Sizing runs a little small

Fuzzy slippers buying guide

Before you go about purchasing a pair of fuzzy slippers, we’ve created an in-depth buyers guide for you:

Why should you wear fuzzy slippers at home?

You must be wondering why you even need fuzzy slippers to begin with. Well, we’ve enlisted some compelling reasons that make comfy items a necessity:

Support and stability

Walking around the house barefoot might not seem like a major issue. But unknown to you, you might be exerting too much pressure on your feet by treading on hard surfaces. Walking barefoot on hard surfaces can lead to pain, tenderness, aches and swelling. Additionally, the lack of support can stretch and flatten your arch as well, which you can never get back. This is why podiatrists recommend wearing a pair of comfortable slippers inside your home.

Prevents bacterial and fungal infections

Even after all that extensive mopping and sweeping of floors, pesky germs can still find their way into your home, and it’s something that our naked eyes can’t catch. Slippers or shoes that are worn outside and then brought indoors will technically bring an aggregate of germs in your house. So, you should ideally possess a pair of indoor slippers that will help prevent the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms in your personal space.

Keeps common illness at bay

If you are prone to sniffles and catch a cold frequently, have you ever considered wearing warm slippers at home? Keeping your feet warm can help in warding off colds since when your feet are cold your body tries to compensate by redirecting blood from elsewhere towards the feet instead.

This may cause an overall decrease in your body’s defense mechanism and ultimately make you more prone to illness. A snug pair of faux fur slippers will ensure your feet don’t get frigid.

What are the different types of fuzzy slippers?

Before you buy a pair of fuzzy slippers for yourself, you should be aware of the different types available in the market. This will help you decide on a pair that best fits your requirements:

  • Rubber Sole Fuzzy Slipper

  • Plush Sole Fuzzy Slipper

  • Leather Sole Fuzzy Slipper

Let’s take a look at the differences between all three types, now, shall we?

Rubber sole fuzzy slipper

This type of fuzzy slipper is made of a waterproof and durable rubber sole. These slippers have a contoured anti-grip ability that provides stability and balance. Rubber sole fuzzy slippers can be worn both inside and outside.

Plush sole fuzzy slippers

This fuzzy slipper is made of a soft, plush material that decadently lines the surface where you place your feet. Ideally, these slippers are best to be used indoors to just relax.

Leather sole fuzzy slippers

Lastly, leather sole fuzzy slippers are made with a leather base. These slippers also have a sponge cushioned in the middle to create soft padding for your feet. Since leather is a sturdy material, these slippers are longer lasting and can be worn outside as well.

How to pick a quality pair of fuzzy slippers?

There are certain features that you should keep an eye out for, and we’ve gone ahead and listed them down for you:

Check the material

While choosing a pair of slippers, make sure you consider the quality of the slippers. Good quality slippers will be made of materials like leather, faux fur or rubber. Fuzzy slippers also come in synthetic options for our vegan friends out there. You should also ensure that the sole of the slipper is solid and won’t make you slip or fall.

Read the reviews

Take your time to skim through the customer reviews section, which will give you a better idea about various factors, such as longevity, durability and the comfort that the fuzzy slipper provides. These real-life experiences with the product will be able to better shape your purchasing decision.

Read the size chart carefully

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing the wrong size of slippers. So, ensure that you look at the size chart properly to purchase the right pair of slippers for yourself. Every brand has its own size chart and a few extra seconds spent taking measurements will help keep disappointment at bay when you receive your new slippers.

Buying tips for fuzzy slippers

These two expert tips will help you make a more informed decision when in the market for a new pair of fuzzy slippers:

Ease of cleaning

Fuzzy slippers that can be placed in a laundry bag for a quick wash should be preferred so that the machine does the job and you can relax. Anything that needs to be hand-washed loses brownie points, in our humble opinion. In contrast, shoes like the FurStory Fuzzy Slippers come with an adorable brush to help keep the faux fur untangled and clean. Such fuzzy slippers are worth keeping an eye out for.


If you like to snazz up your outfits, a fuzzy slipper can add an oomph factor to your daily outfits. So, the one you go for should be available in various colors and patterns that cater to a wide range of tastes.

People also asked

We would now like to conclude this article by addressing the most frequently asked questions regarding fuzzy slippers:

What is the best fuzzy slipper?

The Crazy Lady Fuzzy Slippers can very well be termed as one of the best online options. They are not just super comfortable to wear but they have a funky, eye-catching design as well. The textured soles give you a robust grip, while the soft fur lining feels like a soft cushion for your feet.

Which fuzzy slipper material is best?

A thick rubber sole will provide the required traction as well as be durable, waterproof and shock absorbent. For linings, we recommend going for the pillowy-soft fur ones as they gently embrace your feet. If your feet tend to sweat, we recommend steering clear of synthetic materials and opting for natural and more breathable materials instead.

Are fuzzy slippers still trendy?

Designers like Balenciaga and Ralph & Russo brought the humble fuzzy slipper outside bedrooms and personal spaces into the world of street fashion. So, yes, these slippers are very much trending and here to stay.

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