Look away, Cleveland: Art Modell is a nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Chris Cwik

One of the NFL’s most infamous owners has a shot at making the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Art Modell — best known for moving the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore — is one of the nominees included on the Hall of Fame’s Centennial Slate.

The Centennial Slate is an additional Hall of Fame vote to commemorate the league’s 100th year of existence. The league released the initial 38 nominees Thursday. That group will eventually be whittled down to 15 people. Those 15 people will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Modell is one of 10 names listed in the “contributors” section. Three “contributors” will be selected as part of the final group of 15.

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Other big names on the list of finalists include Bill Cowher, Roger Craig and Dick Vermeil, among others.

Modell, however, is among the most contentious people on the list. Utter his name in Cleveland and prepare to be assaulted with a string of four-letter words, none of which we can print here. Modell irreparably damaged his relationship in the city after moving the Browns following the 1995 season. Browns fans spent the next three years without a team.

Given the amount of vitriol in Cleveland, we imagine Browns fans would have quite the reaction if Modell was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Considering Cleveland’s proximity to Canton, it would be incredibly easy for Browns fans to drive down to the Pro Football Hall of Fame during the induction ceremony to make sure their voices are heard.


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