Long Lost Family star Nicky Campbell an 'emotional mess' over new television series

-Credit: (Image: BBC)
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Long Lost Family star Nicky Campbell has revealed the impact the long-standing ITV series has on him as the show returns for its 14th series. The presenter was asked how he remains "so calm" during emotional moments as he sat down with presenters Alex Jones and Lauren Laverne on The One Show.

Nicky, 63, appeared on BBC programme ahead of Long Lost Family's return to screens on Monday, July 8. Th new series will once again see Nicky and co-star Davina McCall help people reunite with their families.

During the interview, Lauren asked Nicky: "What about for you guys working on the program because I think Davina said she gets her tears out of the way beforehand and we’ve had lots of questions for you. One fan has said, ‘I love Long Lost Family but I’m an emotional mess by the end. How do you stay so calm?’

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Nickly candidly revealed: “I go back on the train after it and I am an emotional mess very often. Davina has said when she gets home she lets it all out but there have been many times and situations when I have been speaking to people that I’ve cried but thankfully it’s cut out.”

The One Show Alex Jones and Lauren Laveren -Credit:BBC
The One Show Alex Jones and Lauren Laveren -Credit:BBC

Elsewhere in the interview, Alex asked Nicky why he thought the show was a success, to which he said: "I think in a world of trouble and strife and everyone having a go at each other, it’s a kind of antidote to that and it is like the best of humility. It is such a privilege to be with people in genuinely the most emotional moments of their life and it’s amazing. I feel so privileged.”

He turned to Alex and Lauren and continued: “In this particular series we have had quite a lot of mothers looking for long lost children. You’re both mums, can you imagine what that would be like for 50 years seeing the baby taken away from you and to be there in those moments is extraordinary.”

During Monday's episode Nicky and Davina helped 76-year-old Ros reunite with her daughter Lyndsey after 60 years.

Speaking about the emotional moment, Nicky said: “I’m with Lyndsey and she knows that she was given up for adoption by Ros but she assumed that she was going to be one of many siblings because that is always the case but it was a situation, she discovered that she was the only one - which made it so much more powerful.”