Lonely golden retriever is overjoyed by new little sister after kids go off to college: ‘This brought tears to my eyes’

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A golden retriever had the sweetest reaction to meeting her new little sister under the Christmas tree, and the touching footage is going viral — just in time for the holidays.

TikToker and dog mom Maddy (@maddy_harding) gained 19.8 million views and over 36,000 comments when she posted the sweet video to her account.

Now, just like the fiercely protective “nanny” dog who wouldn’t let the baby climb the stairs, Hadley the golden retriever is melting people’s hearts around the world.

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In the video, Maddy explains, “My dog has been really lonely since my sisters and I left for college. So Christmas came early this year!”

At first, sweet Hadley doesn’t seem too interested in the box placed under the Christmas tree — but then, she sees what’s inside.

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When she first lays eyes on the tiny pup, Hadley clearly doesn’t know what to make of it. She gives it a thorough inspection, sniffing the baby gently. 

But when Maddy carefully lifts the pup and places her on the floor, Hadley finally erupts with joy, prancing around and wagging her tail gleefully — so excited to finally have a friend, as Maddy says.

Now, Hadley and little Oakley are the best of friends — and they continue to steal hearts all over TikTok.

Nearly 40,000 TikTok users reacted to Hadley meeting Oakley in the comments — a stunning number, but not all that surprising, considering how sweet the video is.

“This warms my heart,” one user wrote.

“I can’t stop watching this. Everyone needs a friend,” another user added.

“Look at the wag, so happy,” one comment read.

“I just love this so much!! She’s so happy!!” another user commented.

“My heart just melted, so precious. The love and excitement she has for her baby sister!” wrote another user.

“I added this to my favorites because it literally makes my day every single day,” commented another user.

Hopefully, Maddy will continue to document the love between Hadley and Oakley, as they’re sure to enjoy many adorable adventures together. And if there’s one thing the world could always use more of, it’s sweetness and joy!

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