How does loneliness affect our health?

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    I was a lot lonelier when I was married and now that I am on
    my own I no longer feel lonely. The day is mine to do as I
    wish and go where I wish. I like to talk to friends, but I also
    cherish walking into my little apartment and love the
    solitude - I can read a book, cook a meal, watch tv, draw,
    play on the computer or do whatever I want to do. I
    wouldn't give this life up for anything.
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    The older I get the more comfortable I get being alone. I value my alone time. I read, work out and just enjoy some of the simplest things more often
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    Kakee Swinseen
    I would take money over people any day
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    Freedom, just need more cash...…………
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    It's a mindset.
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    I’m an introvert
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    I would be happy to be lonely in the house in that picture.
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    As a youngster 65 years ago I joined the Merchant Navy working 4hours on, 8 hours off. After the initial training I was, for the most part, alone within a ships crew all of whom shared this working format. I worked, I studied for my tickets, and there was always something that needed attention on watch or off. I feel that I have been always been alone, but that was never loneliness. Now that I am in my eighties and have mobility problems along with a few other disabilities, I watch my wife with concern. She struggles with this isolation, and very little I can do seems to help her. For myself I can always find something to take an interest in, of course I have friends and I stay in touch with them, but not obsessively so.
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    Be Happy
    Quarantine is really tough. I had to tell my mother in law the government won't allow anyone to visit for the next six months.
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    Mari Christmas
    Actually its a good thing because it giveyou time to be more automnous and think of new ideas to evolve instead of boring others to death. People i know and there are many.