Is ‘Fast Coffee’ Going To Leave A Bitter Taste?

(Photo: lechatnoir via Getty Images)
(Photo: lechatnoir via Getty Images)

An app that allows you to pre-order your morning coffee is coming to London – and I, for one, am already lamenting one of the few slow moments of my day.

Londoners, in my opinion, are almost always in a hurry, dashing for the tube when the next is just a minute behind and constantly giving Olympic speed walkers a run for their money.

But one thing that forces us to slow down, to take a breath, take stock and avoid burnout, is our love of a good coffee that can’t be rushed.

The COFE app will allow caffeine fiends to skip the ritual of chatting to the barista and standing in line with the familiar sound of the milk frother in the background. Instead, customers can save time by ordering their drink in advance from a number of partner cafes and chains – think ‘Just Eat’, but for coffee. Your beverage is ready to collect the minute you walk into the shop.

Nearly 40 coffee shops have already signed up for the app’s January trial, according to inews, and the concept is expected to roll out across London in April. A similar service already exists on the Starbucks and Costa Coffee apps, respectively, but this tech-savvy, joined-up service could make fast coffee the new normal, marking the start of the end for a slow Joe.

As someone who works in London but escapes to the suburbs each evening, that palpable change in pace come 6.30pm instantly eases the tension in my shoulders. The idea of an even more frantic city is unfathomable.

A quicker morning coffee may give you an extra two minutes in bed, but is it worth it if your morning routine still resembles a fun run, minus the fun? And what will happen to our new-found reusable coffee cup habit if we’re all pre-ordering while storming down the pavement?

Try the app, by all means, but remember to slow down and smell the coffee every once in a while, too. It could do your wellbeing the world of good.


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