My London: Chloe Cherry

 (Lee Martin)
(Lee Martin)

Home is…

Hollywood. I have lived here for about five years

Where do you stay in London?

The Edition hotel, it’s just very nice, well decorated and really cosy. Everything is very clean, it feels really luxurious and I love having fancy meals!

What was the first work you did in the capital?

The first job that I ever did in London was shooting for Polyester zine. It was a really fun experience, with a cool editorial that I’ll never forget. It was awesome. Working with the team was amazing because they put me in really fantastic clothes and wigs and like the craziest, long nails.

Where in town would you recommend for a first date?

I like to try traditional food whenever I go to places. I love eating fish and chips when I come to London, that’s my favourite. Also, Bob Bob Ricard is a really nice place for a date I think because the atmosphere is so beautiful. It’s [kind of] British food but it’s like fancy British food. Everything’s golden and shiny and it’s so beautiful inside.

Most iconic Londoner in history?

Joanna Kuchta, she’s the international party girl I love. She is a friend of mine and she’s also a model and influencer — she’s just like really cool to me. She has a really unique style. I met her through social media and she was really fun in person. She took me to a lot of parties and clubs, and she showed me a really fun time in London.

You said she’s an international party girl, does that resonate with you? Do you think you share any similarities with Faye, your character in Euphoria?

Not really. I like to sometimes go to parties, but I’m not so much of a party girl I would say. We both like to have a boyfriend, but that’s the only thing — I don’t do any drugs, alcohol or anything, and she’s into that stuff.

You’ve got the most fabulous lips. Where do you go for glam when you’re in town?

Gielly Green for hair — my hair is naturally curly so I like to keep it natural and not go too wild with it, I usually just add a little bit of curl and keep the make-up minimal.

What are you up to for work?

I just finished working on a movie that hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s like a cool indie comedy with some really fun, talented actors in it. Then there’s my new movie,, with Dasha Nekrasova coming out soon, which went amazingly. I shot them both in New York. So I’ve been doing that and I also want to make a T-shirt line because I really like slogan T-shirts. I figure why not just make my own? Then I can make one that says whatever I want.

Who is your hero?

Oh, Pete Davidson. I just think he’s unique. I feel like he has really carved his own path and he’s so neat at what he does. I wish that I could do comedy, but I don’t know if I can really do stand-up like him.

What’s your best joke?

I can’t think of any… maybe I should leave the jokes to Pete.