‘Loki’ Finale Inches Up From Season 2 Premiere

The season two finale of Loki drew an audience in line with that of its premiere — a pattern that repeated throughout the season, according to Disney+.

According to figures from the streamer, the finale brought in 11.2 million views worldwide in the three days after its Nov. 9 premiere, with a “view” defined by the increasingly standardized method of dividing total viewing time by running time. In this case, 11.2 million views of Loki’s 58-minute finale translates to about 649.6 million minutes, or about 10.83 million hours, of watch time.

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The view count is up slightly from the 10.9 million views for the season premiere in early October, per Disney+. According to the streamer, the show had a consistent run throughout season two, with each episode delivering more than 11 million views over its first week of release. Loki also ranks second among season finales on Disney+ in 2023, behind only The Mandalorian’s season three closer.

Third-party figures, however, say the series has fallen off (at least in the United States) from its first season in 2021, which recorded the best numbers for a Marvel streaming series on Disney+ to date. According to Nielsen’s streaming rankings, Loki had 446 million minutes of viewing in the United States for the week of the season premiere, which improved to 588 million minutes the following week (Nielsen’s streaming measurement is inclusive of all episodes of a series). In 2021, the first two episodes of Loki averaged 808.5 million minutes of viewing in the U.S., per Nielsen.

Loki is the first of Marvel’s Disney+ series to stream a second season. A second run for animated anthology What If … is slated to premiere in December.

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