Load Up On Explosive Full-Body Gains With Our Functional Landmine Workout

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When it comes to barbells, there’s really not much left to the imagination in terms of ‘operating’ one. Sure, there are plenty of techniques to master for individual exercises, but generally speaking it all boils down to ‘two hands on the bar, grip it and rip it’. Pretty intuitive, really.

With that being said, you can add to the barbell’s already vast exercise repertoire by simply ditching half the weights, forgetting half the bar and trying out some ‘landmine’ movements. Put simply a ‘landmine’ is a barbell anchored to the floor or a rack with a specialist post or rather unceremoniously (but just as effectively) wedged into a corner.

The angle the bar travels through when performing lifts in this manner, as well as the ‘semi-fixed’ motion leaving one end of the bar on the floor creates, allows you to exert force vertically and horizontally simultaneously, creating an ‘arc’ of resistance. Think of landmine training as the perfect hybrid between the barbell and a cable machine.

The advantages stretch farther than just adding some varietal spice to your training though - this unique combination of angles and a guided range of motion creates safer, more accommodating movements, perfect for those of us returning from injuries, or looking to avoid them in the long haul.

We’ve put together the ultimate ‘push/pull/legs’ full body workout that utilises three of the landmine’s biggest hitters, giving you a full body workout that pumps you up in all of the right places, whilst delivering your RX dose of functional fitness; all in a package that’s designed to future proof your joints. A truer workout for life you will be hard pressed to find.


Jam your barbell into a corner, load up the opposite end and get to grips with your first challenge - the thick rotating ‘handle’ that you’re now presented with.

Work your way through 6 rounds of the following landmine ‘flow'. Your goal once you start each round is to move from movement to movement seamlessly, keeping the bar in the air and only resting for for 90 seconds once you’ve completed the final movement. This lack of respite seriously ramps up the metabolic demand, kicking your heart into overdrive and majorly upping the calorie burn.

All of these movements are ‘unilateral’ meaning you’re working one side of the body at a time… for the most part. Whilst this means that one side gets a decent reprieve whilst the other side is working, some parts of your anatomy aren’t so lucky in the symmetry department; your heart, lungs and the majority of your core are all going to be working double-time throughout. Remember, the idea is to make it through an entire round, playing ‘the floor is lava’ with your barbell. Pace yourself accordingly.

Along the same lines, part of the 'charm' of training with a landmine is the asymmetries and rotational forces that you'll encounter with many of the movements, these go along way to building the sort of unshakeable, unbendable and overall unbreakable core that we're all training for. To actually reap these benefits we've got to keep one eye on the goal of keeping our trunk upright and unwavering as the barbell tries to bend you like a pretzel. Even as you start to become fatigued, focus on taking deep inhales between each rep, filling every inch of space in your midriff before flexing your core hard.

1. MEADOWS ROW X 6/6 (left/ right)

Stand sideways on at the end of your bar, hinge down with a flat back and grip the thick end of the bar, as close to the end as possible, with an overhand grip (A). Keeping your core tight and torso as steady as possible, draw your elbow back, behind your body, pulling the bar towards your hips. Pause here for a quick breath (B), then slowly lower the weight to the floor before repeating. After six reps, keep the bar up, shift your body 180 degrees, switch hands and repeat on the other side.


After your final row stand tall and explosively pull the end of the bar onto your left shoulder before stepping back into a lunge position with your left knee touch the ground (A). Brace your core and create tension through your entire body, squeezing the opposite fist and even giving your glutes a clench to add to the tension . Push the barbell away from your shoulder explosively, following the natural arc that the barbell will create (B) . Slowly lower the weight back down to your shoulder and repeat. After your sixth rep, stand up, shift the bar on to your right shoulder, lunge your right leg backwards and repeat.


Presses boxed off, stand back upright and shift the bar to a central position holding it close to your chest with both hands (A), Immediately Step back with one leg, dropping back into a deep lunge position (B), before explosively standing upright. This time you’re going to alternate sides, one rep at a time, moving from left to right until all 12 reps are accounted for. Settle down your bar and grab 90 seconds rest. We’re feeling generous.

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