Lizzo's huuuuge VMAs skirt has the internet obsessed

Photo credit: ANNA WEBBER - Getty Images
Photo credit: ANNA WEBBER - Getty Images

One thing about Lizzo: she's a fashion chameleon who's been known to pull off pretty much any look under the sun. Whether it's a viral Balenciaga tape look previously worn by Kim Kardashian or a full-on wedding dress while on her summer hols, she can make anything look fabulous.

And her red carpet dressing? Truly next level. Who could forget the pasta-themed nails at the Met Gala? Yesterday (28 August) she debuted a look to remember at the MTV Video Music Awards that we just could not stop looking at!

Going full goth glam (a look she *has* actually flirted with before) the iconic musician rocked out on the red carpet in a navy Jean Paul Gaultier dress with huuuuuuge skirt. We are talking a ginormous, billowing skirt that honestly looks like something Queen Charlotte would wear in Bridgerton.

When we saw her step out in the look, our jaws hit the floor. And as it turns out, her fans could also not get enough. Lizzo posted the look onto her Instagram feed to give her 12.8 million followers a peak and wow, did they lap it up.

Across two posts (with over 800,000 likes combined) Lizzo showed off the fresh-from-the-runway look and her fans could not get enough. Her comments were flooded with positive messages including "BADDIIE! 🌟", "Wow", "omg" and "my favourite outfit".

Do you know what? We couldn't agree more. High fashion, yet always relatable, we can't get enough of Lizzo's style.

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