Lizzo weighs in on Love Is Blind season three: ‘Bartise, Barista, Bartholomew’

Lizzo has officially shared her thoughts and feelings about Love Is Blind season three.

The “About Damn Time” singer took to TikTok this week after the final episodes of the popular dating series were released on Netflix. The 34-year-old pop star posted three videos, where she let fans in on her favourite cast members, wedding predictions, and her thoughts on the infamous “Cuties” scene.

“Ok, so I’m finally caught up on Love Is Blind season three,” Lizzo began her first video, as she filmed herself talking to the camera. “Here are my thoughts, theories and predictions.”

First up was the cast members’ zodiac signs.

“Zanab definitely has Virgo in her big three. I don’t care, I don’t know when your birthday is, I don’t know if you’re Aries, Sagittarius, there’s Virgo in your big three,” Lizzo said. “And that’s fine I’m a Virgo moon.”

“Barista gotta be a Leo or close to it,” she said, giving a clever nickname to Bartise Bowden.

Next, Lizzo shared her favourite contestants from the third season: “I love Alexa, I love Raven. Sorry, those are my faves this season.”

After watching SK Alagbada reject Raven Ross at the altar, the “Good As Hell” singer said, “SK, you shouldn’t have done that romantic ass speech and then said ‘I do not.’ That was not cool. I don’t care.”

Lizzo then shared her feelings about Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden, who were engaged in the pods but ultimately didn’t get married at the end of season three.

“I have a weird feeling that Nancy and Bartleby are gonna be married,” she said, once again referring to Bartise by another nickname.

Her other predictions were that Zanab Jaffrey would say no to marrying Cole Barnett, and Brennon Lemiuex and Alexa Alfia would say “I do.”

The musician then posted another TikTok of herself live reacting to this season’s wedding episodes. It became clear that Lizzo wasn’t a fan of Bartise Bowden after he dumped Rodriguez, and she filmed herself watching the altercation between Bowden and Rodriguez’s family.

“I’m live watching Love Is Blind and ‘Bartleby’ said no,” she told her followers. “We knew that, but Nancy – I just wish, I just really want you to let everyone in your family and your ancestors just cuss him out.”

Lizzo also had a theory that Bowden knew he would say no to marrying Rodriguez when she sent him a gift bag filled with mementos from their relationship and a handwritten note before their wedding.

“When he was crying, when she left him that note and had all the artifacts of their memories and he started crying, that’s when he knew he was gonna say no,” she said.


Let’s get into this reunion henny…

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“And that shot he sent, he knew what he was doing. He was like, ‘She’s gonna need this shot to take the pain away.’ That’s some bulls**t,” Lizzo added, clearly not holding back.

Then, it came time to watch Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemiuex’s wedding. The Love Is Blind couple had maintained a strong relationship since leaving the pods, so it was clear that they would get married by the end of the season. Alfia quickly became Lizzo’s fan-favourite, and the designer even offered to send Alfia some pieces from her shapewear brand, Yitty. “Alexa, we’ll send you some Yitty girl,” Lizzo said.

The singer filmed herself cheering when the couple said “I do,” and even became emotional watching Lemiuex read his vows. “These vows,” Lizzo commented. “He’s gonna make me cry.”

“I need a reality show about Alexa’s family STAT!” she added. “They are all gorgeous.”

However, Lizzo was at a loss for words watching Zanab Jaffrey reject Cole Barnett at the altar, and the moment when she called out her fiancé for making comments about her body and appearance. The singer said she watched the “cuties” clip – in which Barnett makes an insensitive remark about the orange Jaffrey was about to eat – but she wasn’t able to share her thoughts about the scene just yet.


Replying to @samanthaa_ann13 stay tuned… #CUTIEGATE

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“I’m gonna keep it real with y’all. I watched it and I made a whole video about the Cuties scene, but it’s too controversial,” she admitted in a separate TikTok. “Honestly, I need to redo it, so look out for it.”

The “controversial” Cuties scene became a topic of conversation this week after the Love Is Blind reunion special aired on Wednesday, 9 November. During the episode, Zanab Jaffrey claimed Cole Barnett had made disparaging comments about her body, which “shattered” her self-confidence and ultimately resulted in her stopping eating.

At one point, she described how she was peeling a clementine – specifically from the brand Cuties – and Barnett asked her: “Are you about to eat two of those?”

Love Is Blind producers included the clip at the end of the reunion episode, but some viewers accused Jaffrey of exaggerating Barnett’s treatment towards her. On Thursday, she posted a cheeky response to her critics on Instagram, and wrote in the caption: “One thing about me, I choose my words carefully and I stand by everything I said.”

Love Is Blind season three followed five couples as they formed an emotional connection in the “pods” and proposed to each other, sight unseen. But by the season finale, only two couples tied the knot while the remaining couples called it quits at the altar.

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All episodes of Love Is Blind season three are now streaming on Netflix.